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  • E Derpys Treasure Cave

    Derpy the post mare is very good at her job, but some parcels are simply undeliverable. Each year the town comes together to open all the lost mail.  · teamidris
    1,145 words · 227 views  ·  33  ·  0
  • T Looking After The Animals

    Dark crack fic about the Apple family's animals  · teamidris
    1,589 words · 91 views  ·  3  ·  11 · gore
  • E Twilights Ghost

    Twilight casts another unfortunate spel on herself.  · teamidris
    2,095 words · 205 views
  • E The Princess Inside

    Did Nightmare Moon really get banished to the moon, or was it more complicated?  · teamidris
    2,498 words · 105 views
  • E A Boat Tailed Waggon

    Fish and Lilypad are on the loose trying to get a good grade on a school project. But these two aren't book worms, so this is likely to be physical physics.  · teamidris
    2,110 words · 70 views
  • T Soft Flooring

    The magical remnants of a research station in a fairly normal looking town are a bit over zealous when it comes to home security.  · teamidris
    1,134 words · 210 views
  • E Luna's Holiday

    Luna takes a day trip to the beach  · teamidris
    1,370 words · 187 views
  • E A Visit From the Dentist

    Fluttershy finds Cerberus wandering around with tooth ache and gets the team together for some long overdue dental work  · teamidris
    1,665 words · 134 views
  • E Fish and Lilypad

    My little grey filly is off down the farms stream to see where it goes to? After an hour she finds the river and a seapony!  · teamidris
    5,049 words · 151 views
  • E Moon Pony

    A small silver unicorn travels to the moon.  · teamidris
    1,242 words · 123 views


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Wow that went well :twilightsheepish:

It had 209 views in four days and 6 followers. (Amazed) It got also favourited so many times I can't see how I can thank you one by one without getting accused of spamming, so a big Thankyou to all of you who read my work.

Eventually I sat in enough car parks waiting for Mrs Idris to get it finished, as I really dragged it out for weeks. Maybe taking longer works better? As said in the least blog, everything's become shoved sideways to re-furbish the trailer.

Also in the Idranian news is a new channel on Vidme https://vid.me/teamidris which is more of a brony outlet. The rat bike and off-roading stuff will stay on YouTube.

Next story on the list is probably an "Idris Dragon in Equestria". Idris decides to go use some of the gold from his bed to go buy some snacks from a nearby castle.......

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Oh boy, Twilights Ghost did so well that I got confused who I had thanked for favourites and watches and stuff :o)

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Thanks for the follow, I really appreciate it!:twilightsmile:

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Thankyou Inucroft1 :)

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Dai iawn.

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Hello! :twilightsmile: Thanks very much for the follow; here, have one back. :twilightsmile:

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