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I'm a Twelve year-old-girl who is a fan of MLP:FIM and is a MAJOR FLUTTERCORD SHIPPER/FANATIC

Latest Stories

  • E She's gone

    Discord has been angry with himself ever since he chose the wrong mare, then,.......the unexpected happened  · redrose99875
    1,663 words · 309 views
  • E True Love

    Discord is torn between Celestia, and Fluttershy, and in the end, it breaks one of the mares hearts  · redrose99875
    1,053 words · 336 views  ·  9  ·  5
  • E MLP: The Dare Series

    Have you ever wanted one mlp character to do something you dared them to do?Well now you can!!!  · redrose99875
    3,943 words · 105 views
  • E Love is Magic

    After twenty changeling-free years, there is one night when Fluttershy's friends are snatched, and she needs the help of the chaotic and cranky draconequus; Discord  · redrose99875
    5,780 words · 193 views
  • E Equestria Girls:The New student

    The girls meet a new student at Canterlot high, and it seems that he has an interest for a extremely pretty girl; Fluttershy  · redrose99875
    16,468 words · 503 views  ·  14  ·  8
  • T I'll be gone

    Discord is in jail , he caused chaos, nearly destroyed the element's of harmony, and worst of all, sent his dearest Fluttershy to the hospital  · redrose99875
    1,019 words · 242 views  ·  9  ·  3 · gore
  • E She Said Yes

    After Two years of Dating, Discord realizes that he can't live without his beloved, so he plans to pop the question  · redrose99875
    15,066 words · 381 views  ·  12  ·  6
  • E Love can be found anywhere

    After recent events, Fluttershy moves to Las Vegas, where she meets new friends, including a chaotic one.  · redrose99875
    19,304 words · 320 views  ·  19  ·  9
  • E Is He A Monster?

    Fluttershy comes across the Everfree Forest that is creepy,but the real question is, what is within it?  · redrose99875
    15,494 words · 508 views  ·  23  ·  5

Should I? · 6:43pm

Sometimes I wonder if I should make a sequel to "She Said Yes", I have an idea for it, but I don't know:unsuresweetie:

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I'll be thirteen in six months

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Rose, DisneyFanatic is my favorite writer here too. She is who inspired me to start writing fanfiction and I've wanted to write stories like her. But honestly, the long and short of it is at the end of the day the one you need to be writing for is yourself. Write the stories that you would want to read.


"Okay, some context in that scene would've been nice, at least an establishment of setting. Also I was confused as to who was talking at some moments."

Is just her critiquing. It's not that she doesn't like your stories. It's just her commenting on the chapter. It's not like she's saying it to put down your work. Just take it with a grain of salt. I haven't read a whole lot due to real life interference, but from what i have read you have your style that serves well for your stories. You are a good writer Rose.

We all have room to improve. I know I do. Don't be so hard on yourself. *hugs*

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Don't worry, I'm Doing it again

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lol. Was working on a dare tried to click comment. Said server error. Refreshed. Aaaaand (Windows error sound) "this story does not exist". Well shoot

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