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Hiya, I'm Lucky! Lucky Narcissus Strikes, if we're being formal. Thanks for clicking on my face! Why don't you make yourself comfortable and I'll get us some tea?

About Moi!

When I'm not saving princesses in my dreams or attempting to break the world record for most marshmallows inside every orifice at one moment- a lifetime goal of mine- I really enjoy writing and reading horse-related fanfiction! My hobbies include picking heavy things up and putting them down, breathing oxygen and blinking every few seconds. Sure, these hobbies don't sound very interesting, but put 'em all together and now there's three things I'm doing at the same time! What a go-getter, huh?

Literally My Only Story!

  • Exotic In a split second decision, Rarity blurts out that you're her coltfriend for the sake of impressing a famous designer! Now forced to act as lovers, you start to wonder- is it all a simple act, or is there truly a spark between the two of you? by lines n stuff 6,580 words · 4,452 views · 257 likes · 14 dislikes
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*boop* hey doodz, you sleeping, timez to wakez up, Nonnykin's has a mare to woo...  :pinkiecrazy:

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Thanks for the watch, mate.

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Thanks for the follow. Hopefully I'll write more things you like!

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Thank for watching me my friend.:yay:

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Thanks a lot for the watch, mate! Much obliged :twilightsmile:

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