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I am sorry for my long update on both of my stories but it is hard to type with two broken arms. I got hit by a car and broke both of my arms and a couple of ribs. the doctor said that it was a miracle that I didn't suffer any internal damage. Now one of my arms is half recovered but its still very hard to type with these damn plasters. I hope you guys/girls will understand.

Your friend Psycoluv.

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well since you put it that way I can understand why you can't update. sorry about your fucked up arms and ribs get better soon although this comment is probably quite a bit late( as in are you serious?:ajbemused: late) but get better anyway:twilightsmile:

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>>299002 becouse I got hit by a car and broke both of my arms:twilightsheepish: can barely type:twilightblush:

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>>166040 Y U NO UPDATE FLALL TO EQUESTRIA  :flutterrage:

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>>165237 soon my friend!:twilightsmile: very soon!

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