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The wheel kept turning: ages came, time passed us by.  We lived in perfect harmony!



Please sweet Celestia tell me he's going to mix it up with Discord.  And then we can get Patrick Stewart, too!  And then movies!  Pone Trek I, Pone Trek II, and so on.  The even-numbered ones will be better, of course.

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I have a brand new thread in Jewish Ponies, which explores some more critical thinking I did regarding the Alt-Right's treatment of the Jewish people. In the thread, I explain why this treatment is abhorrent as usual, even on videos intended to mock such treatment. The latter such video surveyed was done by Rebel Media and I took the opportunity to embed a commentary on its fans, who, as stated by the commentary, are childishly racist. https://www.fimfiction.net/group/198908/jewish-ponies/thread/309963/this-video-right-here-because-i-want-to-see-your-thoughts-on-what-i-have-to-say-in-it

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>>2402133 I'm afraid you've failed the 'silly ass' test. Following me was a good start, but your choice of ice-cream shows that you are fundamentally sensible.

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>>2401855 Ok, free ice-cream for the rest of my life, then.

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>>2401847 Ah, now I see where you're coming from, but I've run the calculations past our central computer, and it reckons that if you do walk the plank, there's a 97% chance of your being dismembered by sharks. That won't look good on your CV, especially not to a pirate.

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