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12:30 - 14:00 Spitfire

Hah, got you there didn't I? Of course it isn't the Spitfire you're thinking of. In fact, hardtechno isn't really my thing, so I was totally at another area:

Chilling at Euphoria.

The next DJ started out a bit slow, and I needed a drink anyway, so I headed out to the nearby Loudness:

People are taking it nice and easy. After all, at this point there's still over 10 hours of party left, so we need to preserve energy for later on during the day.

After a while, I headed back to Euphoria and walked right into this:

If the camera would have gone a tiny bit to the left, I would have been in the video as well.

The great thing about Decibel is choice. When the tent gets too crowded, you just go to another area:

Remember is always great. It's never busy. This year they also put the volume way over what I think is legal. I was happy with my earplugs there.

I promised myself to only go to Jimmy the Sound and later on in the evening, Vortex. I ended up spending the rest of the day there. Time flew by, and before I knew it, it was time for the closing act already:

I don't really care about the fancy lasershow and fireworks at the Mainstage. Nothing like jumping all through the tent, together with a few dozen other people who are doing the exact same. It was madness.

And then it was over already. For once I was able to actually find the coach back, though due to properly planned road works it was almost 4AM before I was finally home. For comparison, the party itself ended at 23PM. Does it matter? No. I had a great time there, and am definitely going again next year.

I've been at Decibel four times now, and each time was better than the previous. Great people, great music, great everything. Well, except the year-long wait for it, but that's totally worth it. Have a floorplan.

13 stages with over 140 DJ's.

tl;dr had an awesome day.

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Whoa, I'm still here. I read another bunch of stories again, here are my top picks.

A Bluebird's Song by Ardensfax

Every rising star must eventually fall. Rainbow Dash is locked in a struggle against her own past, and with the help of Twilight is about to make a discovery that will change the way she flies forever. But what will she lose in the process?

Another one that has been sitting on my to-read list ever since I joined here, and simply one of the most amazing stories I've read to date. It's long, yes, and it's all so worth it. It took me quite a while to get through, but that was mostly because during the first half, I kept getting distracted and reading other fics. About the halfway point though, it began pulling me in real quickly, to the point where I absolutely hated the day my ereader was empty suddenly, because it meant I couldn't read to know what happened next that day. I made up for it by reading twice as much the next day.

You know a story is good, when you get that feeling of "Don't do it!!" and then just before it happens, a new chapter on something entirely else starts.

And then, less than a week after I finished it, the author makes this blog post in which it is mentioned that A Bluebird's Song is going to get some chapter expansions here and there in the beginning, as well as an edit sweep. I can only applaud this, though it is perfectly readable as it is now. Incredibly recommended.

Rainbow Dash Seduces a Watermelon by Weezil_Brony

Rainbow Dash basically falls in love with a watermelon, that's about it. But it is incredibly funny if you care to read.

This story was recommended to me in the comments on one of my own (NSFW!) stories, and I think it needs no explanation. It's the kind of WTF I like.

Felt Heart by Tchernobog

Rarity discovers an old tradition involving the exchange of felt dolls as a sign of affection.  This sparks a brilliant plan to play matchmaker with her friends, and between herself and Twilight. But brilliant plans never go as expected, do they?

Good fic. Interesting concept, well executed, and definitely worth a read. And yes, I realize this is the third fic of Tchernobog that has appeared here. I REGRET NOTHING.

Also imgur stop obliterating the image quality pls

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I've read a ton of short(er) stories the last few weeks (and a couple long ones as well), but only one of them I still remember as much as this one. And *gasp* it's not even a Romance this time! Without further ado:

Rainbow Typhoon by Nonsanity

Everyone · Adventure · 33k words

When a massive hurricane bears down on Manehatten, the ponies of Equestria discover that not all of life's obstacles can be overcome. Sometimes you just have to do your best to get by. When Rainbow Dash is granted the opportunity to be a Wonderbolt for a day, however, doing her best takes on a whole new meaning.

I think I tracked this story back when I joined this site already, and it only recently completed. The short version is that I started reading one evening, and it was that I had to go to sleep eventually, but I finished it first thing the next morning.

The long version is that this story is seriously underrated. At the moment of writing this blog, it is just shy of 2000 views, which is seriously way too few. From the beginning to the very end, it is just one wild - but really well written - ride. It really felt like watching a movie, or that I was part of the story. I immensely enjoyed reading this one.

Yeah, these review things are more becoming 'bbq recommends', but I can't be bothered by that. Just wanted to share this one with y'all. Go read it. Now.

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l33t · 9:48am

1337 story views. That is all.

I should really make a more useful post next time...

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Yes. Today is actually my birthday, and you know what that means, right?

Actually, that's not entirely correct, because I'm not having a party today, but coincidence has it that there is one tomorrow. So that will/should be tons of fun.

And I also thought of you! Well, actually, I wrote it a couple of days ago already, but I might as well release it today: a new story :yay: Essentially, a few really really terrible ideas wouldn't leave my mind, and in the end, they managed to combine into a story that makes no sense at all. None. And is about 3k words long, so that are a lot of bad ideas.

I don't want to spoil too much, to keep it a surprise, but I will reveal this:

Applebloom goes flying. Spaghetti happens. And other things.

GEE, I WONDER WHAT CATEGORY IT WILL BE??? The answer will be revealed in about 12 hours from now on, because then it'll be posted.

Note: I will not be held responsible for mindsplosions, brainmelts or whatever else might result from reading it

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New fic posted · 3:20pm

One day, I typed She clopped on the door in a fic I was working on. I later corrected it to She knocked on the door, but the idea stuck, and then a story happened.

I just clicked submit, dunno when it will appear.

And yes the title suggests exactly what the fic is about.

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AppleDash <3 · 6:32pm

Yes, this is actually real, 70x100 centimeters big, and it's awesome. There was a 20% discount at the print company (includes shipping!), so I messed a bit around in GIMP, converted the thing to CMYK and voila.

In other news, a new story should be going up in a few hours.

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+more, and also probably not in the order listed in the title. Also, I'm writing this after having been up all night, and slept for only 2 hours, so, uh, that's your warning.

Let's begin!

Twilight Sparkle and the Crystal Heart Spell

What is this? Me, posting about a non-shipping story? Apparantly... Also, I bought it more for the lelz because it only cost like a couple of dollars euros. Don't expect much of it, but it certainly isn't bad. In fact, I preordered the Pinkie Pie one already, because I can.

It has about 140 pages of story, though the font (and line spacing) is huge so you can read it quite fast if you like. Oh and each chapter starts with a big Twilight image. In general, especially the good ones, fimfics are better/deeper/whatever than this book, but that's what you get because target audience.

The last 20 or so pages are activity pages (which I didn't do), and there's also a Princess Twi standup thingy.

Final verdict: skippable. Buy it if you haven't got any pony merch yet though.

Following up on the previous post, here are a bunch of alternate endings plus some other stuff

Here is a link to the story, you should be able to figure out what corresponds to what using the bolded stuff:

* Tailslover13's ending This can best be described as 'random and awesome'. Highly recommended if only because it is just that.

* Bear Do Well wat but eh. Skippable.

* Mare Doooooo-something Uses links to YouTube, so no.

* Fight Club Was a while ago since I read this, but iirc this one was quite wat.

* None of this makes sense Yes. Definitely yes

- - ok so I was intending to list all of them, but I'm lazy. The rest are pretty serious attempts at creating something, with a few exceptions.

* Chasing Rainbows I stopped somewhere near the end of part 1; the writing didn't captivate me really.

* Rarity ending Starts out brilliant, but along chapter 2 the spelling/grammar mistakes increase, and it gets dragging/less interesting. Did not finish reading this one.

* 20% Cooler Edition Even I had no idea what was going on in here. That says a lot. So no.

* Insert Rock Pun Here This one is friggin' brilliant. Like, really brilliant.

The only drawback is that you need to read a 138k-ish story first. You should probably read (or already have read) it if you're even remotely interested in Dash shipping. Otherwise, it's not worth plowing through all of it just for these lulz.

Tchernobog's Those Blue Wings

It's AppleDash. What more do you want, really? Yeah, I know I said in the previous blogpost or so that I don't really have an OTP, but if I had to have one, it would probably be this.

It's basically "One of Twi's spells goes wrong which cause AJ and Dash to switch wings and tails" but since I don't read a lot of Twilight, it was a good read. Even if you do read a lot of those "spell-gone-wrong" stories, it's still a good read. But yeah I'm biased.

Okay last one I swear; Sazura - A Day With Your Best Friend got recommended to me by equestrian.sen a few blogs back. Liked it. That's TwiDash btw, for the ones of you who don't like the mother of all ships, Appledash.

And then inspiration died. Until next time~

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Heads up: computer talk ahead. Seriously. I made it somewhat accessible, but it still requires quite a bit of web knowledge.

So, you all know the Groups/dashboard page, right? Do you like how absurdly huge the margins are (though this one is true for the whole site), or certain users spamming threads, or groups that you just want to be in for the story notifications, but totally don't care about the forum?

Sure, you can uncheck notifications, but these threads will still show up in the Dashboard list. And that's annoying. Because I really don't care that much about what's going on in the Shipping group, for example, and they distract from the actually interesting info: groups that you're actually interested in.

Enough normal talk, time for a workshop.


* Greasemonkey

* Stylish

Knowing a thing or two about CSS and jQuery will also help you understand this workshop much better.

Step 1: Hide groups you don't want

This is where we need Greasemonkey. You want to go to the dashboard page, and click "New user script". You'll get a box with some stuff to fill in; name and description are self-explanatory, namespace cannot be left empty, I just put a space in there.

Depending on whether you used GM to make a script before, it might ask you to set your editor. I'm not helping you with this, so without further ado, here's the script:

// ==UserScript==

// @name        fimfiction hide uninteresting groups

// @namespace    

// @description hides uninteresting group threads from the dashboard

// @include     http://www.fimfiction.net/dashboard

// @include     https://www.fimfiction.net/dashboard

// @version     1

// @grant       none

// @require     [url=http://localhost/js/jquery.js]http://localhost/js/jquery.js[/url]

// ==/UserScript==


    //list comma separated groupnums in between the square brackets here

    $.each([3,1804], function(index, groupNum){




UPDATE 2013-04-07: I noticed some weird behaviour with the old one. A better (?) way to add the script is by copypasting the above (and modify it as below) as something.user.js, then drag that file onto your browser. Then if you need to add groups, just edit it via the GUI. Also added it to run on the https version of the site. Also fixed some other small errors.

Now this wouldn't be a workshop if I didn't go explaining what happens above (feel free to skip it though, you'll probably get an error about a jquery file missing).

Notice the @grant none line in there. This is required since GM 1.0 or something, and otherwise it'll nag you constantly. I don't know if you can put other things there, but this worked for me.

Now the important line is the @require one. This should point to a jquery javascript file. Anyone with any kind of web knowledge should know where to find one, and how to link to one. If you view the source code for this webpage, you'll find a line that looks like

<script src="https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.8.3/jquery.min.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

somewhere in the header section. I guess that one would work too. I wouldn't be surprised if file:/// would work as well. I just run a local webserver on my PC anyway, so I happened to have a jquery there anyway as it is needed on other parts of my website anyway*.

Next you'll have to find out group id's. This is pretty easy. In the example, it are groups 3 and 1804, which are Shipping and Mentally Deficient Authors, respectively.

If everything goes well, when you have saved the script, you shouldn't see threads from those groups anymore. I'm not gonna explain how I got the selector, again, this is a workshop, not a copypaste session, and if you're still reading you can probably tell me what it does anyway.

Step 2: get rid of those awful paddings

This is actually the easiest step. You can let the following snippet run on just the dashboard page, though I myself have just one CSS which has things for the whole website (if you're interested in how I experience fimfiction, tell so in the comments, and I might just post a few random screens). Anyway, once you've made a new style, or opened your already existing one, you want to paste the following thing in it:



    width:32px !important;

    height:32px !important;



    padding:1px 0 !important;

    line-height:1.2em !important;


What this does is simple:

1) avatars are now only 32x32 instead of 64x64

2) paddings are very small, and there is less whitespace between lines.

You shouldn't even have to refresh the page if you do it right, results should be instant. Notice that suddenly, the thread list takes up like two to three times as less screenspace. If you apply the 'more info on the same amount of screenspace' (eg. killing paddings or hiding useless things), you can really put much more info on your screen, meaning less scrolling. It might also make people realize that you don't need to run your browser maximed; about 1000x850 is more then enough if you remove most of the design stuff.

Step 3: Enjoy

If everything went well, you should now have something that looks like this:

yeah I could probably kill some vertical whitespace of that "Latest Group Threads" header too. But eh, I got lazy, and it's still infinitely better than it was before

Ohyeah, just about everything above will probably break on the next site update.

* don't bother trying to find that website; it's not reachable from the outside world. Reason: while I don't write terribly dirty code, it's probably not 100% safe either. Though if anyone is interested in what kind of stuff is on there, I wouldn't mind making a few blogs about it.

tldr; padding sucks and fimfic's css sucks even harder.

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It's that time again (>implying there is a schedule for this. Nope). AAANYWAY.

First up is The Games We Play by AbsoluteAnonymous.

Now, this story is special to me, and that's not because of how it's written. Or maybe it is. Anyway, one day, long long ago (I think August 2012 somewhere) I was browsing the web at random. At that point, I was somewhere in the middle of season 2 (yeah I was really late to the game [size=8]you just lost it, btw[/size], but whatever). It was definitely during the summer holidays, because on that particular day (not a Six Flags commercial reference), I happened upon the Pony Fiction Vault. I knew fanfics existed, so undoubtedly they existed of MLP too, but the whole description of that site was basically:

If suddenly, all other ponyfic websites explode, at least this selection will be preserved for future generations.

Okay maybe not like that, but it also had PDF's. I know that over the course of a few days, I read a few of them, and my first impression was that the whole writing was of much higher quality than most of the garbage on sites like fanfiction.net (eww*). But really, at one point, I read ALL of this story in less than a day. That was when I realized "did I just... spend, like, idunno how many hours reading this... thing?" I did. And I actually liked it.

Not long after that, I found fimfiction, which is a helluvalot better than fanfiction.net.

Oh, right, review. I recently decided to reread The Games We Play. I discovered there was also a "Supplementary Materials" thing, and by the time I discovered that, a reread was in order. And also to see if the story is still good even if I already knew the outcome.

It is. It's a nice story, which for some reason is tagged Dark and Sad here on fimfic (in addition to Romance and Slice of Life), but is simply "Shipping" over on the PonyFictionVault. Which is more correct. Sure there are a few darker or sadder moments in the story, but if this were a printed book, it wouldn't have those tags. So anyway, recommended. Also, get it directly from the PFV so you don't accidentally spoil yourself in comments.

So, what else have I been reading? A couple of oneshots, the one which I remember the most at the time of writing this is Tchernobog's Mood Wings. Because AppleDash.

Then again, I also read a NSFW FlutterDash story that was actually good.

"Well barbeque, make your choice. What is your OTP then?"

To be honest, I don't really have one. There are things I tend to prefer over others (like AppleDash over RariShy, for example), but that doesn't mean I avoid ships. Well at least ships within the main six. With a few exceptions, I don't really want to read a lot about most of the background ponies. Sure, if someone points towards something and says "go read it", I will (probably. someday). I'm just not actively on the lookout.

The one major exception to this case would be crack shipping. It doesn't have to be 'wat dafuq did i just read' per se, sometimes a serious take on a weird ship can be fun too. Also a 100K+ Soarin' x Nurse Redheart simply needs to happen.

To conclude, I can probably say that I am working on a new oneshot, which is going to be about drunken ponies. No idea at how many words it's going to turn out, but it's already over 3K, and then I still have some scenes to write.

With that said, until the next time~  <-- tilde. because.

* = since then I haven't really been on that website anymore.

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