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-----INITIALIZING TRANSMISSION... Code 2-7-9--5-97 -----

Yay! New Story Arc...

I've been reading Stargate: Shangri-La and I've realized I like that version of Lyra... The Mare that does human stuff because she believes humans to be real in her universe, the Lyra that never got any funding and end up going to the choir of a small town to avoid shame, ridicule and for the hot flanks of Bonbon (Or Agent Sweetie Drops if you like that)... That's why Miss Heartstrings will be the 8th. candidate for the Project P.E.G.A.S.O. (Ponies Exploring Gently All the Structure of Order - Pegasus in Spanish....) of course, were she to accept, P. T. Trollestia has offered to reactivate S.M.I.L.E.to act as Blackjacks for the brave mares and Stallions daring to visit other Equestrias, and in the future maybe Beyond...

Now, regarding the latest chapter here's the deal: in my multiversal travels there are certain things I usually do automatically upon entering a new Universe:

1. Create a backstory - it involves auto time travel piggybacking

2. Find / fund My City (even My country if necessary... some morons dare move Mexico from its place, I agree to disagree...)

3. Purchase (or steal, more profitable to steal) the land on the Location of My house and "Build" my Home there

Now, sadly, the way I was brought into this Equestria I am trapped  blocks all those three basic needs of mine... (As I think it showed in Enter the Dragon, as I was a new piece on the game of xess), including the "building" of my house...

But "Poncho, you son of a *yay* *yay* *yay* *yay* *yay*, Why do you keep quoting the word build...?" you might wonder... Simple... I build squat... Once I got out of the "One Minute Tutorial" (Lived 60 years in  different universes - Outside my universe 1 minute Real Time for me = 1 year Universe time.) the first thing I did was using my powers to clone my then house, move it to the ether and link it to every single universe I knew of...  in the case of this Equestria... is not possible... the most I get is a portal leading to my Infinihouse (Located, as usual, on my bedroom's doorway) which spits me back on  this Ponyverse every time I try to go outside of the  main MLP universe... thankfully I still can get stuff from outside the MLPverse (a clone carefully activated to act as my replacement gets  the things and sends them to the MLPverse, I grab them from there) so I could get some materials and more importantly, planes and cloned stuff from back home (Including some leftover barrels of Pepsi) so I built my house the Rodriguez way...

Anyways I'm rambling now, so I'll cut the Transmission here... for Anyone reading this Outside the MLPverse I can only tell them... Could be worse... I could be trapped in that disgusting Rainbow Brite reboot Universe


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