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I write various things depending on my mood, just not very fast at the process. I'm a happy and fun brony so there is that.


Yeah so my latest story bene coming out little slow sorry about that. But got a new game and you knwo hwo it is right? You play and play..and you know you want to write but your having too much fun. Still i'll do my best to hurry it up.

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New stories · 6:03am

Working on two new stories at the moment. Wel,l to be fair one has been sitting around for months but still it up to four thousand words. So either is bloated or pretty good so far. *shrug*   Pinball Pinkie

And my second story being TailTale of Two Spikes. Can you guess the premise yet?

Source: http://sunsetmajka626.deviantart.com/art/On-the-walk-530142482

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Man am I ever slow at getting stories made. I mean yeah I had other stories on the back burner but really my one shorter new one I haven't gotten around to in a month. time flies huh.  

And I got like 5 other ideas half done in my google docs. Really should finish those some day huh XD.  Anyway, hope to keep being entertaining. Even if grammar is still an issue.

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Villain bar update · 5:33pm

Thanks to a good friend i got the latest chapter of Villain Bar edited so you should check it out :rainbowwild:

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Was thinking of story idea but for now just enjoy this litte bit

Matilda rolled her eyes as she combed her mane, her husband pacing about the room. "What are you so worried about Cranky? Today our day out together and nothing gone wrong."

Cranky grumbles before looking up. "Trust me, something will go wrong. Small or large doens't matter something going to go castrophical wrong."

"Honestly you worry too much," Matilda gave his cheek a kiss. "Why are you so worried?'  She listen to him mumble unable ot hear him at first. "Hmmm, speak up dear."

"It's...it's...it's Tuesday alright." He tossed his hooves into the air. 'Nothing ever good comes from a Tuesday."

"Dear, what does a simple day of the week have to do with anything? As far as I checked our reservation still checks out, the spa open and there not a cloud in the sky. It's perfect."

He nodded. "See, that's the problem.  Tell me when did the paraspites attack?"


"And return of Nightmare moon?"

"Uh also on a Tuesday?"

"Bingo, and not to mention Twilight Sparkles little want it need it spell happen exactly on the same day of the week. I'm telling you it a curse."

"Oh come now what co-"

"Don't say it!" He frantically looked around and then sighed when nothing happened..nothing yet anyway.


Upcoming story · 7:16am

Just like to say I got a new story in the works. Hope the idea doesn't come scores as generic l. Hypnosis and rainbow dash and foaling around.  There the hints

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Ideas and Update · 6:31am

Well being slow again..what a surprise right?  Anyway had two ideas for short one shots possible comedy

1: Starlight always getting lost in the castle especially when she first tried to get to the throne room to set up her scheme to ruin Twilight life. Mostly thought of her thinking she gone through the same hallway or opening door after door only to find it not the throne room.

2: Twilight and Starlight return from an adventure with a strange hour glass like artifact with red sand. During their little examination of it, the item accidently activates sending out a powerful wave of energy. Little due the two know that the castle is in a state of flux and rooms and hallways keep changing places. Now they must find a way back to the epicentre of the accident and set things right if they ever want to leave the castle. and spike their too duh.

Will also be on vacation for a week so idk why I'd leave such a note like that here but eh.

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Probalby been said before so sorry if I repeat myself but, I am sitll writing just get side tracked a or just not very focused. Might as wel lgive some kind of update.. not that i'm sure anyone really that on the edge of their seats.

Little Jackie slow but it's coming.  

Villain's bar might get another chapter, planned out sirens somehow to be there.

Some WIP stories i had on a back burner

Dream Gaurdian's and Hatching Migration

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Probably would have had solethojg new pit by now if I hadn't had let minecraft wth mods suck me in so badly. Not that writing isn't fun just well...I get side tracked  heck I'm stil four episodes behind in mlp

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Fell kind of bad for not really getting the stories out I said I would get out.  Got one story out but seems it not very popular or getting attention. Pitty really but it's somewhat progress.

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