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I draw smut, and I code stuffs, I am not good at writing stories so don't expect much (if any) literature from me :Y


Hello, I am ZippySqrl.

I am not a writer, but in time I might have a go at writing something. I'm not very creative when it comes to writing, unfortunately.

I may not write, but I art! You can find my art by googling my username :3

I'm also a game designer, programmer, Animator, 3D modeller, and other things, but that's another story.

Favourite pony is The Great And Powerful Trixie

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Comment posted by iloveportalz0r deleted at 4:40pm on the 15th of January, 2015
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You. You are the one I find when searching rule34, right? If so, I love you.

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*Happy horse noises*

Comment posted by Pedro Hander deleted at 2:00am on the 16th of April, 2014
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Been meaning to follow you.

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