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I have a lot of ideas, but no patience to write them.

Stories that made me cry

  • T Legacy

    A machine of war awakes in a new world. Can it become something more than it is?  · NFire
    905,392 words · 9,876 views  ·  1,232  ·  59
  • T Memory Pending

    An outsider finds himself flung into Equestria, and forced into a new form. Will he fit in?  · Kiroberos
    107,946 words · 49,510 views  ·  2,847  ·  82 · gore

Currently Reading

  • T The Worst Nightmare Of My Life

    Three teenagers find themselves in a strange land, in equally strange bodies. One is the spitting image of an Equestria villain, while the other two have found themselves as bat ponies. Getting home is not going to be easy...  · Spacecowboy
    20,284 words · 7,096 views  ·  643  ·  28
  • T Putting on a Silver Robe and Wizard Hat

    Silver Lining, now wielding a cutie mark and an insatiable desire to learn and codify magic, has graduated from grade school and now faces the challenges of a magic academy as a young adult. This former-human is learning his place in Equestria.  · David Silver
    500,993 words · 2,615 views  ·  494  ·  56 · sex
  • T (Re)Birth Through Fire

    [Philomena x Human][Rom][Adv][Dark][Hu] Jason has spent countless lives in Equestria, each of them being more troubling than the last. This life, however, presents a new set of challenges  · Spacecowboy
    57,187 words · 11,395 views  ·  1,108  ·  50
  • T The Adventures of Damon Lipton

    After being tricked into using a forbidden spell to enter the void, Damon Lipton is turned into a Lich and thrown into Equestria by the God of Mischief. Dorian the Deranged.  · Mr101
    111,723 words · 8,523 views  ·  1,140  ·  42 · gore
  • T Red Wind of Change

    Not all great legends happen in Equestria. Sometimes they appear in the most unlikely of places outside the border.  · Mimic Kairatta
    11,531 words · 964 views  ·  63  ·  2
  • T The Last of My Kind

    In the near future mankind was driven into a biochemical war against an unidentifiable contagion created by an asteroid that struck the planet. Without no cure or any form of escape, mankind buried themselves and awaited their extinction.  · Immortan Joe
    117,607 words · 12,475 views  ·  1,671  ·  147 · sex

Story Ideas

I'm a literal wellspring of ideas, conjuring up story ideas whenever they come to me.

I write all my story ideas on this site, of course, as most of them are pony-related in some way or another.

You can find all my story ideas here:


Please, if you use any of my story ideas, PM me with a link. That is all I ask.

After all, I'd like to see how my ideas are developed.

Top 5 Faves

  • Techorse A team of human mercenaries arrives in Equestria planning on selling the natives as pets back on Earth. But one of them helps the mane six stand up to their evil scheme! by Spirals95 118,512 words · 1,899 views · 44 likes · 12 dislikes
  • Dan Vs. The Magic of Friendship(Season 1) Based on the Tumblr blogs, youtube videos and all else relating to Dan Vs. and My Little Pony. The continuing adventures of Dan, Fluffle Puff and all their friends updated every Saturday. by Barrobroadcaster 588,682 words · 13,588 views · 748 likes · 62 dislikes
  • Mort Takes a Holiday The Pale Pony (of Death) faces his greatest challenge yet: free time. by AnonymousMaterials 166,617 words · 40,369 views · 4,235 likes · 73 dislikes
  • The King Is Dead, Long Live The Emperor! A changeling, sent back in time due to a freak accident, kills King Sombra... and ends up as the new ruler of the city. Hilarity ensues. by Bucking Nonsense 121,945 words · 20,198 views · 2,672 likes · 77 dislikes
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#104 · 4w, 1d ago · · ·


You're welcome. I'm always a fan of stories involving AI and/or robots, especially if they're well developed and written, which yours is. I look forward to the next chapter.

#103 · 4w, 1d ago · · ·

Thanks for the fave on Defect!

#102 · 17w, 2h ago · · ·


Lies! You're a sexcellent writer! You just need to not split the chapters so much.

#101 · 17w, 2h ago · · ·

>>2349408 I'm working on that part, but I think I might just not be a good writer :applejackunsure:

#100 · 17w, 2h ago · · ·


Thou art welcome. Iz a good story, though the chapters could be longer...

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