Wait... what? · 1:38am

Huh? 'Poe nay'? What is 'Poe nay'? Some sort of Edgar Allen hate group? "Poe? NAY!! We don't want that drivel around here!!"


Wow, three months... three terrible months. Two months with barely time to breath leading into almost a month of crashed lower than the dust on a snakes belly. No pony for months... twelve bland weeks... an entire fiscal quarter...

Horrible. 100+ new unread updates... this is depressing. I'm now depressed over what I've missed in part due to depression... Fuck I need a drink.

Well, I'm kind of back if anyone cares... probably not. I am just a random shmuck user who doesn't put out any content afterall.

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Please check out my latest blog post and share your thoughts. I'm borderline bringing reincarnation back, but I need to hear the arguments for and against.

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Do you think I should delete said line on Deer Me: Y/N?

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>>2148920 Thank you Jeebus! I finally have good news! Which means I can finally respond!!... I hate responding with only bad news... so I don't. I finally had time to read the newest chapter! Almost done and I already have two pages of notes full of things! Things I can start fixing tomorrow! It is just shocking what one can accomplish with more than two hours of sleep a night!!! Had to wait until I had time to read the entire thing in one go or I might have missed the two continuity errors so far.

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I have too much free time...

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Thanks for tracking Horse People Go Naked

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