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  • T The Evictus Series: The Definition of Love.

    Sweetie Belle asks about love. But is there another reason why?  · Undyne Devotion
    1,146 words · 105 views  ·  22  ·  2
  • T MLP: C.P.

    Pinkie has gone missing and now it's up to AJ to find her. Though not all is what it seems at The Pie Family farm, something dark has come home.  · Undyne Devotion
    2,200 words · 33 views
  • E Glitter Shell Volume.1. : Coming Out Of Her Shell.

    Life can be weird when growing up. More so for Snails who is suffering from a struggle within, fighting to be who she thinks, she really is. Follow her on her first adventure around Ponyville as she comes out of her shell.  · Undyne Devotion
    3,349 words · 108 views  ·  19  ·  3
  • E The Lonely Heart Creek.

    Button and Rumble visit a old creek to see if the legend about it is true. If a lonely heart and a searching heart stand upon the middle of the creek, they shall find true love.  · Undyne Devotion
    2,549 words · 201 views  ·  13  ·  2
  • T The Mare Does Well.

    A book of ancient magic. The dream of living as you wish you were. The trouble of knowing you've been living a lie.  · Undyne Devotion
    5,901 words · 1,998 views  ·  157  ·  12

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Hello. I'm Undyne Devotion!

I'm here to bring many a nice Fic to the site.- From OC Stories,Gender change Fics and more.

I also will want to bring my insight on a few things to the community.

From my Diary Entries.

To Top 10's.

I will try and touch on many subjects.

Ask me about art projects too. I'd love to help others create art if I got the funds.

I'm very sweet and just want to make many friends.

So I do hope you will join me on the adventure that is friendship.

Love, Undyne Devotion.


The Big 5-0! · 3:36am

Coming up on 50 followers soon!

This will be like my first major...well no Third major milestone!

(Making Popular list and Featured List are 1&2)

I want to do something special when my Big 5-0 follwers rolls around.

Any ideas guys? :heart:

Wuv, Undyne.:raritywink:

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#39 · 9h, 2m ago · 1 · ·

>>2434149 sounds good.

And agreed. With napstablook as a close third, those two are the best.

#38 · 9h, 4m ago · · ·

>>2434146 If you do, so let me know.

I'll be at the front of the line to check it out.

If done right. bet it would sound awesome.

#37 · 9h, 9m ago · · ·

>>2434145   Thanks! I'm currently thinking about doing a mlp undertale crossover story soon.

I wonder what a megalovania and spear of justice crossover would sound like?

#36 · 9h, 12m ago · · ·

>>2434144 Yep-yep!

Also used to love Yugioh. Nice avatar.

#35 · 9h, 18m ago · · ·

I'm assuming you also like undertale judging by your name?

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