So a friend and I are thinking up a story. Well, he's thought it all up. I'm just his writer. Anyway, point is, I'm actually doing something for once. And this thing is gonna be massive(if it ever gets done). Like, Fallout Equestria massive. And I just wanted to show you guys the little prologue/prelude thing I have written. (It's supposed to be skimpy on description and names, I wanted everyone to remain anonymous for plot reasons.) Just tell me what y'all think.

   The air up that high was cold. Icy and frigid. But he didn’t really mind it. Steam rolled off his fur and left his mouth with every breath, a small trail being formed behind him in the air. Shakily he flew through the air, dropping and gaining altitude constantly. A surprise updraft caused him to spin wildly out of control, but he righted himself after a few seconds. Shaking his head and coughing a little fire, he continuing to fly in the direction he was heading.

    He had been flying for most of the day, which annoyed him greatly. Despite the fact that it was a perfect day for flying, sun shining brightly and few clouds in the air, he was mad.  Flying was not his prefered means of transport, but to reach where he was trying to go, it was requiered. He hadn’t been expecting this to take this long. All he wanted to do was ask a question! It shouldn't be this hard to find it, he thought. I can’t believe I left her for this! Sighing, he banked around a cloud formation, heading off in a new direction. As it turned out, that was the right thing to do.

    Out of the clouds appeared the very summit of a mountain, the spire itself ringed with clouds. A large collection of buildings made a vague ring around the mountaintop, their stonework and masonry contrasting sharply with the fluff and white of the clouds. He took a moment to scan the entire complex, before diving towards the building highest on the mountain. The only one with a balcony.

    He dropped down, hooves clacking against the stone, and walked towards the large glass door. Looking inside he saw a rather plush office with a wooden desk and a fake potted plant in the corner. He also saw a pony wearing multi-colored robes sitting in a chair, his back towards the window. The stallion raised a hoof and tapped on the the door, the pony inside quickly turning to face him. His eyes widened momentarily before he got out of his chair and opened the door.

    “You shouldn’t have come here. It’s too risky,” the robed stallion said, stepping back to allow him inside before shutting the window and closing the curtains. His visitor smiled, showing off strangely pointed teeth as he sat down in the chair offered to him.

    “And who is going to follow me up here?” He watched as the robed stallion walked around the desk and sat in the chair opposite him, leaning against his desk and staring at him across the gap. “You should know I’m the last stallion anypony would suspect of flying.”

    “That point aside, you should still wait for us to contact you. We’re too far in to have our cover blown now.”

    “Relax! Everything is fine,” he said, leaning back in his chair. “None of the others suspect a thing, and I’ve only told one other pony about my plans.”

    The stallion blinked a couple times. His voice was quiet when he spoke. “And who is that?”

   His visitor waved a hoof. “My wife, so don’t worry.”

   The robed pony smiled slightly. “Oh, yes. And how is the little mare?”

    “She’s fine! Happy as could be. She’s getting pretty big now, too.” He grinned slightly. “She can barely fit in her bikini anymore.”

   The robed pony chuckled slightly. “That’s good to hear. Just be sure she doesn’t accidentally mention anything.”

    “Don’t worry. Her lips are sealed,” he said, leaning forward. “How close are we, anyway?”

    “Another couple months and we should be able to strike.”

    “Good, good. And what about Dawn?”

    The robed pony chuckled again. “Vox and her forces are of no concern to us. She is too wrapped up in her own plans.”

    “Her plans don’t concern you?”

    “Yes, very much so. But she is not our top priority.” He sat back, putting his back hooves up on the desk. “But enough about that. Why is it you flew all the way up here?”

   He leaned forward in his chair again. “This whole “Game” thing… Is she really the key to all that?”

    The robed stallion nodded slowly. “We believe so. As far as we can figure out, she’s the key to beginning it early. Something we can’t allow Him to do.”

    “You’re positive about this? This isn’t some half-cocked idea your researchers came up with?”

    “No, it isn’t. We’re still working on it, but as far as we can see, she’s the key.”

    The stallion ran his hooves down his face slowly. “If she’s so important, why do you let her run around with that pegasus? She’s completely unprotected!”

    “He’s trained,” the robed pony said, though his smile implied he didn’t think much of the training. “And I let her “run around” with him because it makes her happy to do so. Besides, she’s more than enough protection for the both of them, and you should know that.”

    “Yes, I suppose so. But I still think she needs more protection than just herself. She’s not in her right mind when she’s with him.”

    “Oh, don’t worry! I have my agents keeping watch on her at all times. Though some do come back with very… interesting stories.” The robed stallion grinned and sat back in his chair. “Why don’t you let me worry about my agents, and you worry about yours. We still have a lot to do.”

    “True…. I still can’t believe, after all she’s been through, the universe isn’t done fucking with her.”

    “The universe is a bitch. You should know that as well as I.”

    He opened his mouth to reply, but was stopped when the door behind him opened. Another stallion poked his head through, the hilt of a sword floating a few inches from his ear. He gave a slight nod to the stallion before turning to the robed pony, a small frown on his face.

    “Sir, may I speak to you for a second?” he asked, his voice calm. The robed pony nodded before standing up and following the stallion with the sword out the door. Several seconds passed before either talked.

    “She’s moved, sir,” the armed stallion said.

    There was a small pause. “What do you mean, “She’s moved?””

    “I mean she moved. She’s packed up base and moved closer to Canterlot.”

    “I’m sorry? Did you say closer to Canterlot?”

    “I did, Sir.”


    “What should I do, Sir?”

    There was a moment of silence, followed by a sigh. “Nothing.”

    “Excuse me? Nothing?”

    “That’s right. Nothing. This is obviously a ploy to get our attention. Vox knows we’re watching her, and she’s trying to draw us out.”

    “Then… Shouldn’t we respond? Move her away from Canterlot?”

    “No. We’ll pretend that this little maneuver passed under our radar. Make her think we aren’t watching her as close as she thought.” He paused again for a moment. “That said…. Send a few agents as recon. Two or three, nothing obvious.”

    “Yes, Sir.”

    “You have your orders.”


    “Something wrong?”

    “No… No, it’s nothing. I’m just worried about Flare is all.”

    There was a small laugh from the robed pony. “I’m sure she can handle herself. She is a princess, after all.”

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