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New story! · 6:11pm

I'm particularly happy about putting this up, because it's been months since I've written anything other than that one short chapter for Blossomforth Needs Her Own Tag. Go ahead and check it out! If you're into Ranma 1/2, this will hopefully be something that interests you! In fact, I'm hoping it interests people even if they're NOT into Ranma 1/2!

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Youtube Reading! · 1:36pm

So a user by the name of Brian Random was kind enough to record and post a reading of Marble Madness! Go on and check it out! I was really happy with the result, and the voice acting for all the characters is totally on point. Voices are by Brian Random and Sugar Cloud.

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Worst update ever. · 3:59am

New character tags, but no Coloratura? Garbage.

...Yes, I'm kidding. This is a fantastic update. NEW CHARACTER TAGS AAAAAAAAAA

Working on updating my old stories with new tags. Though this does make "Blossomforth Needs Her Own Tag" a bit obsolete now...

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So back in August when I went to Bronycon, I met a nice man by the name of Top Plush. He makes...well...plushes! Shocking, right? So I commissioned a plush from him, and spent the last half a year eagerly awaiting its creation and arrival. It took a good while, as life got in the way (and absolutely understandably so), but it all paid off (and then some!) when she arrived at my house today. Top Plush does some amazing work, and he really knocked this one out of the park. A friend of mine recommended him because he does great work with clothing on his plushes, and with who I wanted a plush of, that was a must. I am so in love with this plush, and I wholeheartedly recommend Top Plush if you're looking for something of high quality. He isn't taking commissions at the moment, but he opens them up every here and there. Check out his stuff in the above link! He'll likely have better pics of my plush up within the next few days.

Anyway, without further ado, here is the amazing plush that is now one of my most favorite possessions ever.

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First off, I'd like to apologize for my utter lack of writing in the past couple of months. I've found myself incapable of writing for some reason, but I'm hoping to fix that in the near future.

Second off, I'd like to welcome people who might be new to my work! I've picked up some new readers thanks to DrWolf001's ongoing reading of Small Scale, and it's a pleasure to have you! If you didn't know about this reading, head on over to his channel linked above and check it out! He's putting out a chapter every Monday and Wednesday until it's done (currently up to chapter 3), and it's a very nice, relaxing reading. He produces plenty of other quality content as well, so give him a look-see!

Anyway, this renewed interest in Small Scale has got me wanting to write a sequel. I really loved writing the original so much and was taken aback by the response it got, and at the time I thought that maybe I was done with that particular universe. The more I think on it, though, the more I want to expand it a bit with a sequel. I've got a couple of idea threads bouncing around of what I could write about in a sequel, but I'd like to also see what the readers think. So...

If I were to write a sequel to Small Scale, what would you like to see in it?

I can't guarantee that a sequel will be forthcoming, but I'm certainly interested in doing so. I also can't guarantee that I will take suggestions given. I'm mainly just interested in seeing what people would want to see in a sequel.

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I know I said in my last blog that I'd be working on one of my older stories next, but then last week's episode inspired me to write a new story completely. With any luck, the story will be out by this evening, but there's a chance it might not be till tomorrow.

As a little warning, though, this is going to be a mature-rated story because I am a naughty person. So if that's not your thing, I guess never mind! But if that IS your thing, then get ready!

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That was a blast. · 2:55am

Thank you all so much for your reception of Daring Do and the Incomparable Incompetaur! To be honest, I wasn't sure if I could really pull the story off. It's so rare that I write anything that doesn't involve cute pony kisses, let alone something adventure-esque. The idea randomly came to me one morning at work, and I'm glad people enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it. It's one of the rare instances where I came up with a title and then the story followed, and I'm quite happy with the results. So thanks!

I'm gonna take a couple of days off before I get back to writing. When I do, I believe I'm going to finally get back to writing The Curiously Colorful Case of Chroma Splash. I know some people might be turned off from it when they see the tags (Twilight, OC, and Romance), but I really hope people give it a chance. I'm hoping for it to be a fun one!

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Whooooooo's ready for a Daring Do adventure? :pinkiehappy:

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Thanks for the minifics, everyone! There was a lot of adorable cuteness going on there, as well as some pretty silly and hilarious stuff. However, there can only be one winner, and without further ado, the winner of the contest is...

Cold Spike!

I'll shoot you a PM in a little bit. Thanks to everyone for entering, and I hope you had fun with it!

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Random Contest! · 11:33pm

I have a code for a copy of Cook, Serve, Delicious on Steam. It's a really great game where you're tasked with quickly and efficiently serving food to customers while maintaining your restaurant. I already have the game, so I have no use for the code. I want to give it away, BUT I figured I'd do it in a fun way!

So here's what's going to happen. Whoever can write me the cutest Appleshy minific will win the game! I'm looking for a story of no less than 50 words but no greater than 100, and should meet an Everybody rating. Just post it as a reply to this blog and I'll pick a winner by Friday afternoon, around 3:00 PM Eastern! One entry per person, of course.

Watch this get no responses and I just look silly D:

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