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The future depends on me, and my horde of Evil Overlords.


I've typed and deleted this post a half-dozen times today.

I'll try to keep it short.

Tell me again how this election wasn't about hate. I'm a white, cis male. To the outside observer who doesn't know anything about me, I look like any other random hairy schlub trying to corral a couple unruly kids at the local Target. But no, anyone with a grudge can dig up anything they like, these days, and use it as a bludgeon.

I have, since election night, received over a hundred hate messages on social media platforms, a letter in my mailbox (without postage, so hand-delivered), and - this morning - a flyer on my car window. Most (including the letter and flyer, thankfully) are generic vitriol with vague threats against me and mine now that Trump is President Elect, due, likely, to someone cross-referencing my voter registration information (available online, until very recently) with my online profiles / accounts. But some are intensely personal.

I'm reluctant to post this here, as it's entirely possible my kids have accounts, but the time for hiding is over. In these messages, have been called a faggot, jew-lover, nigger-lover, and so on and so forth. (I have no idea if any of these words will be filtered.) I have been threatened with destruction of property and harm to myself. My family has been threatened.

Yes, I've reported these instances to the authorities. I have little faith that the good-ol'-boys around here will do much more than is minimally necessary under the law.  

I'm going to be dealing with this for a while, both on defense and offense. I've got flags on order to put up (and replace, in the event it gets torn down). I have my kids asking if they can wait with their friends after school, or if their friends can hang here for a little bit, as they feel unsafe - and of course the answer is yes, but that means I have to focus on keeping a clean house. I've got some time booked to take calls for a crisis center. If you follow me on any platforms, you'll probably see me go dark except to repost how-can-I-help messages or give support to people freaking out.

If this sounds panicky and overblown to you, then congratulations, you and yours aren't worried about assault, rape, or deportation. The topic is not up for debate, and I will delete any snide or condescending remarks I see.

If you are freaking out, yourself, take heart. We'll get through this together.

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Going through my old favorites, figured I should drop by and congratulate you again on making a good Sonic crossover. Also eating a Sonic comic, you goddamn maniac, you.

Now do it again but with edgy Shadow.

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It'll be here when I finish it. =)

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I really enjoyed your eggman story all those years ago and even now I wait for the update, but life comes first.  I Hope things are looking up for you.

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Also with a house full of teenagers, and a job situation that is unwieldly.

I've written parts of the next chapter. I've not yet finished it. I will, one day. That's really all I can say.

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