My OC (original, I know)

Name: Constant

Surname: Search

Talent/occupation: Detective

Bio to come, I'm really tired tonight. Stayed up all night troubleshooting my new GPU.


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Alright everyone, I'm starting a new story. I've been halfway through chapter two of "Traveling in the Black Pegasus" for weeks now, and I can't get my ideas out, because now I have a new story stuck in my head. I'm going to put TitBP on hold for now to work on the other story I'm writing. Hopefully I won't get any hate for this.

-Tri-Pony Trouble

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Thanks for favoriting "Waiting for Sunset".  Glad you enjoyed it!  :scootangel:

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thanx for the fave on more than a best friend

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Thank you for the fave on Fishing in the Dark. :ajsmug:

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Thank you for favoriting Breaking Up Rocks. :twilightsmile:

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Thanks for the favorite. If you're interested, I'm writing a fanfic where twilight joins the KKK

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