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    Moving is hard, especially when it's to another country, and it becomes doubly difficult when you move there unexpectedly and against your will.  · Timothy48
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Well, everyone, after five long years, I am happy to announce that I have finally graduated from college! (And debt free I might add, thanks, mom!) So right now I am looking for work, however, that still leaves me with a lot of free time, free time that I intend to use to create the next chapter for Moving Day. In fact, I have already gotten back to work on several days ago, I'm still worn out from all the papers I had to write this past semester, so bear with me. However, I can safely say that you can expect the next chapter to come out, (barring any outside forces from getting in my way) sometime before the end of this month. And until I have posted the next chapter, the story will still be marked as "on hiatus", but once the chapter is posted, I'll change it back to the "incomplete" tag.

So until then.



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Not much to say about me honestly. Just your average college age brony who plays guitar, likes computer games, reads and writes pony fan fiction, lives on a farm and likes history.

A little trivia about me.

Favorite pony: Applejack

Least favorite pony: Pinkie Pie

Favorite Shipping: Vinyl Scratch x Octavia

Least Favorite Shipping: Twilight x Pinkie Pie

Favorite Episode: Luna Eclipsed

Least Favorite Episode: Spike at your Service

Favorite food: Just about everything

Least Favorite food: Brussel Sprouts

Favorite Subject in School(s): Communications and History (So long as it's taught by a competent teacher who actually knows something about the subject)

Least Favorite Subject(s): Math and (History taught by instructors who'd rather indoctrinate people rather than educate them.)

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