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On hiatus from Fimfiction at the moment. 136 unread chapters as of 28/10/2014. Drop me a line on Tumblr if you need me.


No thanks. No motivation for that anymore.

Hi. I still exist.

Don't really go on here any more. It's a shame but the MLP fandom has lost its touch for me.

I still like the show (although I have yet to finish Season 5) but you know.

Anyone who watches me still active? Well, I know one of you is, but no idea about the rest.

Hi predator, if you see this.

Bye. Maybe I'll post again some time. Maybe I'll finally read those chapters. Maybe.

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1. Brain (25th August 2012)

2. Thoughtful Mind (original, 10th September 2012)

3. Thoughtful Mind (paper pony's impression, 15th September 2012)

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Beep boop. I finished the book.:pinkiehappy:

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>>1316134 Finally figured out how to write a story and watch videos online at the same time. Thanks to this, I've gone back to writing my book...which led me to another impasse. What I feared before starting my stories here came true: I can't figure out how to extend the story to 100k words. Luckily, I'm digging deep into all the possibilities and sub-stories that I can within that world and am slowly starting to fill in the empty gaps.

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Apologies for the delay, this lack of Wifi in Spain is most unappealing. I'm doing fine, regardless. And how about yourself?

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