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I watch irl videos, green screen videos, gmod, videos, and sfm videos, all on youtube. I read mlp fanfics on fimfiction.net. I might start seeing the series, starting with 1st, or genealogy one. Fin.

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There are images on Derpibooru containing spoilers for the episode. I just don't know where it aired this early. My own hypothesis is that behind the back of Shining and Cadence, Chrysalis and her loyalists kidnap Flurry Heart as part of their plan to genetically transform her into a changeling. Those scenes I think Hasbro might make as creepy as those popular and infamous horror films of the 80's to today. Saw. Scream. The Ring. Nightmare on Elm Street. Friday the 13th. Halloween. The Shining. Ouija. You'd get the idea. Still though, what do YOU think the plot is going to be, judging by the images? I hope the FiMFiction staff don't mind this.

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In reply to the question you asked me 121 weeks ago

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