Well, work has been hell, life has been hell, and I've been busy doing a billion other things, so I'm close to the point of meltdown.

So you're all going to suffer along with me.

It was a normal day in Canterlot.  The sun was shining, the birds were singing, somepony was evading taxes, the Flower Trio over in Ponyville were on the verge of a meltdown because the store ran out of their favorite brand of shampoo, the now-deposed Chrysalis was somewhere in the world as opposed to with the hippie commune the changeling hive had become, and seated on her balcony, Princess Celestia sipped her favorite orange pekoe tea.  It was her favorite because her other favorites, blackberry vanilla, dragonfruit coriander, and zap apple mango were currently out at the store.

Life, it seemed, was perfect.

Seated across from her, Luna drank from her own beverage of choice, Foalger’s coffee, while she idly watched her pet possum, Tiberius, scarf down numerous strawberries on the table.  “It’s been, what, two, maybe three days we’ve gone without something stupid happening in the kingdom, sister?”

“There’s that word,” Celestia said, her eyes briefly narrowing.

“What word?”

Kingdom.  We’ve never had a king, and I choose not to be a queen.  So why are we the Kingdom of Equestria?  Why not the Principality of Equestria?  And don’t get me started on why Principality and not Princessipality.  You’d think the makers of the Ox Board dictionary would clarify that since my first request two centuries ago, but noooooooooooooooo….”

Luna rolled her eyes.  “Shocking, certes, but I was referring more to the usual shenanigans that happen with our kin—”


“—er, realm.  In any case, it’s been at least a few days since nothing bad has happened, and I wonder if this means that we are headed for an easy week—”

The slamming open of the doors to Celestia’s balcony was the first sign that something was amiss.

Coming much sooner than you'd probably want.


Hi, busy with more gubmint work (yay for being a bureaucrat) there won't be a chapter this week.

I'll find a way to make it up to you guys, promise.

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Shinzakura - Today at 8:47 PM


At least it's not Canadians gone mildly disagreeable.

Like Rainbow Toots.

Flynt Coal - Today at 8:49 PM

poor Rainbow Toots

Shinzakura - Today at 8:55 PM

So you will forever remember Rainbow Toots for her Tooting?  And Rainbowning?

Flynt Coal - Today at 8:55 PM

never forget

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...I'm wondering if I should hold separate ones for AAG, HSW and Other Projects?

Or...maybe I should just hold an "others" AMA.

Though, technically an AMA meant you could've shown up and we would've talked about whatever subject you wanted.

Or maybe I shouldn't bother?  We got more turnout than expected yesterday, but even still, kinda smaller than previous.

Thoughts, all?

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For those who missed it, here's the two-parter!

Part one is over at my Patreon (and it's free to watch!)  Sign up for that!

Part two is here:

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Hey, if you get there early, you might even see me playing another game!  (shock, gasp)

Seriously, this will probably be the last of the 7DSJ-era AMAs, as the story's drawing to a (relative) close soon.  What do I mean by relative?  Well, you'll be there tomorrow to ask, right?

I'll be at  See you there!

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Hey, I'll be doing an AMA while doing Crota's End in Destiny (yes, I know, all I ever seem to play is Destiny).  However, you can change the outcome of this:

1.  If you want me to play something other than Destiny, please comment below (following is list of games; sorry, but I'll be at the in-laws tomorrow and so my system will be there and things will be limited because I don't want to carry my whole library.)

a - Warframe

b - Some other free game or something (don't feel like buying one...but I'm not above playing one someone buys for me! :trollestia:)

c - Something I already have on the system

2.  Twitch or Youtube?  Comment below

3.  If I go into Crota and you're on PS4 and want to get killed along with me (never did the raid before), feel free to join up.  Username is Shinzakura1971.

This all goes down at 3PM tomorrow.  Why?  Really I don't know.  I'll be willing to talk about all my projects if I'm not screaming at the screen in the interim.

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Tout oboe why in keyring to call

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Folks, I've been so busy getting ready for the inauguration (disclosure: I work for the government, and like everyone else who works in DC, it's been hell) and I've been exhausted enough and busy that I haven't had time to write 7DSJ, much less anything else.  And now I need to get ready for Katsucon, where I volunteer.  I should have a chapter ready to go by then, but I need a break - I'm fried.

That being said, over the past few days, I've put up with a lot of shit over the phone and I rarely wax political on Fimfic.  But in the past few days, I've seen the absolute dregs of humanity over what should be a peaceful transfer of power.  Both sides are acting like political circus performers, and I won't even get into details (some of it is bad, so much so the first thing I did when I got home was dive for a stiff drink - and I almost never touch alcohol.)  I don't care what anyone's political opinions are - the moment you cross a line of decency, your beliefs are moot.

"But the Trump administration is racist!"  So entitled little shits rioting in the streets is going to make things all better?  "So why not bust all the protesters?"  Because some are doing so peacefully; i know, because of my friends are there doing so with a peaceful group.

Trump's in office for the next four years, and people had better hope he succeeds, because otherwise there will be trouble across the world.  You don't have to like him (I don't and I didn't vote for him.)  You don't have to like his policies (I don't care for many of them at all.)  But everyone best hope he succeeds (where success can be defined as the world being a better place overall, regardless of how he did it.)

Because if he fails?  Those riots I linked?  Prepare to see them everywhere.

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