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I can't even-

I can't even!

I never do episode followups but...

A Celestia and Luna episode!? I had been wanting this since Luna Eclipsed in season 2! As soon as I heard about it, all I could think was "Please please PLEASE don't screw this up." And then,


*post-episode-adrenaline-rush pending.

So the map say Starlight needs to go to the Canterlot Castle. And Twilight is totally cool with it.


Neurotic Twilight is best Twilight.

And the problem is immediately clear.

Celestia and Luna acting angsty!? They're just like regular ponies! *Squee* And that face!

Twilight remotely helicopter-parents in like the neurotic basket-case like she is.

Micro Twilight is best fetish fuel.

Cakelestia confirmed! At least, pancakelestia. Now we know where Twilight gets it.

"No, it's okay," Luna says, with intense amounts of salt. "I'll just take a bite out of this WHOLE pineapple! LIKE A BOSS!"

"Luna, do you like MMMMMMM bananas!?"

"No. I like banana PEELS!"

So Glimmy confronts them both directly, and gets them to voice their anger. And of course things quickly go downhill.

"Two Best Sisters much?"

And then it was Freaky Friday, and this happened:

We knew it was coming, from the episode description. Even so, I was still surprised when it actually happened.

And everypony had the appropriate response:

*Panicked horse noises*

So it's time for them each to walk a mile in the other's horseshoes.

So Luna, already in a shitty mood, gets stuck with working all day, after ALREADY working all night. Is it any surprise that she doesn't do well?

So I was really happy with her segment, because I always wanted to see a "Day in the Life" episode for Celestia. Especially after the "Do Princesses Dream of Magical Sheep" episode.

"Public appearances. Store openings, judging the Royal Rose Contest. That sort of thing." and ribbon cutting.

I'm glad they found a usable reason to have such an episode, outside of fan-service for us Celestia-lovers.

Just smile and wave. You got this.

Again, I need to emphasize, Luna is doing a 12-hour shift, after already doing a 12-hour shift.

If you were at work, for 24 hours, you'd be looking like this too.

So, then it's Celestia's turn.

"Moon raised. Even easier than raising the sun," Celestia said, to herself.

I'm sorry, but hasn't she known this for like, A THOUSAND YEARS, doing it while Luna was gone!?

Realizing she's talking to herself.

Psychotic-breakdown Celestia is best Celestia.

Literal nightmare fuel.

So Celestia is trying to deal with Glimmy's nightmare and realizes she's in way over her head.



guys, srsly,


I was super stoked for this episode.

I was legit squealing like a fanboy tard for the whole thing,











I can't

I can't even!


-deep breaths-

Now then, where were we- oh fuck no! Get out of my head, Hasbro! Don't mess with me like this! I HATE that losing-teeth dream!

Time for Celestia to call in backup.

Luna assures Celestia that she's strong, and she belives in her.

They save the day, er, night together and they make up.

and Luna makes Celestia some shitty pancakes.

And she tries to pretend like they're not shitty with a shitty poker face.

Twilight shows up outta nowhere and gives Starlight a toothbrush.

Starlight, why does your toothbrush look like Spike?

Do you want some part of Spike inside your mouth or something?

TFW your sister cocks up your day and leaves you to clean up the mess. And you have to do a 12-hour shift with no sleep after already doing a 12-hour shift. Payback is a bitch.

By far my favorite episode of the entire series so far. Even after all those Trixie episodes, the changeling hive, and Twilight going Dragon Ball Z on Tirek. Maybe I'm biased and maybe it's because I've been looking forward to a proper 'royal sisters' episode for so long. But I still think this was a really great episode, with some very impactful moments, and a TON of new material for writers for the two characters.




The other ponies' dreams!

Dr. Whooves

Princess Derpy

DJ Flurry Heart (Whose dream?)

Applejack's Parents!

y u do dis 2 me Hasbro?

:fluttercry: I can't even!

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