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I love fan based work, and i love writing. Thus I'm writing my own published works to see what shall be made of them by others.


Prologue alert · 7:14am

So, to those either read my fics and/or by blogs know that I'm writing a book. To those reading this who don't, well now you do. Anyway, I've been focusing a lot more on my book than I have my fanfictions, and that won't be changing for a while. I'm not as far along in my book as I'd like to be, therefore I'll be using all my moments of freedom and creativity to work on that instead of anything on here. Once I'm at the point where I'd like to be in my book, I'll resume my fanfics.

Anyway, for those interested in my work, I've posted the prologue on deviantart. To save time on searching for it, I'll leave the link here. Give it a read and some feedback, I'd seriously appreciate it.

Prologue here

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His backstory for the changeling society is in his art descriptions on deviantart. I suggest looking through his artwork to get the full story.

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Actually, I'm  working on getting some new cover art, not sure on Sainsaar. Could you tell me the story that has his/her theory in it.

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>>2359312 It could be a little more descriptive background wise, and you do have a few spelling errors. Other than that, it's to early for me to make a solid opinion on the story, though I do find it quite funny so far. If I may ask, what type of background are you giving the changeling hives. My guess is Siansaar's given the story picture.

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Thanks for the fav. Feedback?:pinkiehappy:

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>>2185907 I'm glad you're okay, thought we all lost you. Anyway, I'll get straight to the point, why were you inactive? Is it because you were publishing your own story, or are you done, also will you continue your Naruto crossover?

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