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I enjoy gaming, music, cartoons, art and crossovers.

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Hello Everypony!

Serenade Sketch here.  Singer, artist, and writer.  I'd like to tell you a little bit about me.

Favorite Mane and MLP Character: Pinkie Pie

Favorite Princess: Princess Luna

Favorite Villain: The Dazzlings

Favorite Crusader: Scootaloo

Favorite Side Character: Maud Pie

Favorite Background Pony: Vinyl Scratch

Favorite Episode: Pinkie Apple Pie

Favorite Show Song: The Smile Song

Favorite Fandom Song: The Moon Rises (Kristen Calvin version)


As you all should know, I have three different stories up right now: "Equestrian Gems," "Forked Tails of Fire," and "Successors of Magic." I try not to overload myself and I want to finish every story I post because I know how frustrating an unfinished cliffhanger can be, so let me tell you how I plan to update each of the following.

Equestrian Gems

This one will take me quite a number of chapters before I finish it and being a Steven Universe based story means that there is still some of the lore of the show I want to go through, but I try my best not to overload everyone, even if you are familiar with Steven Universe. This one I want to update the most.

Forked Tails of Fire

I only meant for this one to be just a fun story with one of my favorite creatures from Japanese mythology. After all, the show has had quite a few mythological creatures already introduced, so I wanted to do one that I particularly like that the show hasn't done before. This one I don't plan on being too long. Updates on this one won't be a frequent as "Equestrian Gems."

Successors of Magic

This one I've wanted to do for a while because Starburst is my own OTP for this show and I really wanted to write a story based on the next gen OCs that I created for this ship. It'll be just a fun story about Sunny and Crepuscule exploring Equestria and having some adventures together, after I introduce them that is. This one I plan on updating as much as I can.

Most of my focus will be on "Equestrian Gems" because: A: This is the first story I posted, and B: This one will take a lot of chapters for me to get through. I will try to update the other two whenever I can though, then I can get to other ideas I have.

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Hi, Serenade! I made a new story today and I'd love your feedback.

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Thanks, I actually got the idea when I saw fan art of what different people think what the Mane 6 would be like if they were gems and I wanted to come up with my own interpretation, but with a little more creativity.

Also, I agree with you, MLP and Steven Universe have great crossover potential with each other.

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Your welcome I always love seeing what up and coming writers have to offer and you have the makings a a great writer.:raritywink: If anyone e doesn't like what you write they don't have to read it....:rainbowdetermined2: Also love the whole Steven universe crossover idea there isn't enough of them out there:twilightsmile:

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Great. Thanks for the update:pinkiehappy:.

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A new chapter for Princess and the Yo-kai is here.

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