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Hello! I'm SSJ2PinkiePie, also known as my real name William Robinson. I'm a brony since the episode of Keep Calm and Flutter On during Season 3 of My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic aired on TV.

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I Got Very Special News

I can't believe I'm gonna do this but, I'm gonna write a Five Score Divided By Four story of myself. Or not... But I know that anymore Five Score Divided By Four stories will get banned because of FimFic says so. I don't know if the Five Score Divided By Four is real when I turn 25 years old. If it is, then I will be fine with it of which pony I will be turning into. I'm gonna do a Five Score Divided By Four story, but not gonna posted it on FimFiction.net, because I will be writing it on GoogleDocs and do a new blog for the link to the story. But I will wait for to do it.




New Update · 5:49pm

Hi this is SSJ2PinkiePie/William Alan Robinson(Fast Writer) and I'm finally off of my Writers Block because of my newest story. But after I completed that story I will go right back on Writers Block because of my reasons for it. My newest story is a displaced story about myself going to a comic con in 2020 after moving to that hotel near the comic con building and being in pony universe as a anthro pegasus pony named Fast Writer.

But that's all I have for you for now.

So this is SSJ2PinkiePie/William Alan Robinson(Fast Writer) signing off.


Hi! I'm SSJ2PinkiePie, but you can call me Pinkie Pie. I'm gonna have to cancel this blog, because I'm doing a fanfic called "How Did Shadow The Hedgehog and Flash Sentry Meet For The Very First Time". I'm not gonna start chapter 1 right now. I'm gonna start it 1 day after I turned 18. Chapter 1 The Battle Between Shadow The Hedgehog and Dr. Eggman. Chapter 1 will be finished on Valentine's Day next year. The whole fanfic will be completed near christmas of next year. There will be 3 chapters in this whole fanfic. Chapter 2 (I don't have a name yet for this chapter). And Chapter 3 The Battle Between Shadow Sentry and Dr. Eggman. Oh about Chapter 2. Shadow The Pony and Flash Sentry used the Choas Gems to fused together to become Shadow Sentry. I will tell a bit of the end of chapter 2 only just for you. After Shadow and Flash fused together to become Shadow Sentry, Shadow Sentry tried to find Dr. Eggman at Dr. Eggman's Base, he couldn't find him at all. He looked, looked, and looked, but no sign of him. When he just exit the base, Dr. Eggman popped out of his secret underground base to be finish building his ultimate weapon of doom to kill both Shadow and Flash.  Well that's all I can tell you. You will never believe when I finish the fanfic. Just wait and see. When I finish the fanfic to be on this site, I will ask Winged T. Spears to read my fanfic and act it out in his future video on Youtube. Edited Part: I can't do this fanfic and I need someone to do my fanfic for me. I'm currently doing requests for someone doing my fanfic for me.

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