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I'm an Ekat agent. I'm dragonemerald1463.

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  • E A very dislikable TCB

    Long story short, there was this human, and Princess Celestia, and some races, and a plague...  · Rowan Ex
    1,240 words · 79 views
  • T Stasys

    Humans are legends. Humans killed themselves. Yet, they also saved themselves, and one of them is adopted by Twilight Sparkle. Wait, what?  · Rowan Ex
    4,431 words · 205 views
  • E A Virtual Life

    A pony is living alone within a simulated world where everything is controlled by her. However, something causes her to remember why she was here.  · Rowan Ex
    1,138 words · 106 views
  • T Genisis

    An anthro fox got into an accident and got turned to a horned pegasus colt. That was years ago. Now, Twilight Sparkle, newly crowned, meets this same stallion who had cut off his wings to avoid getting killed. Love ensues.  · Rowan Ex
    1,878 words · 54 views
  • E Rowan's Star Wars

    As the Jedi Order fell, a Knight finds a unicorn whose lineage came from an old legacy of famous heroes.  · Rowan Ex
    5,114 words · 258 views  ·  11  ·  2
  • E It's a Random Dr. Who Fanfic

    Literally a Doctor Who crossover fanfiction with no name. Technically like the Unnamed 39 Clues one shot only with the Doctor.  · Rowan Ex
    1,454 words · 113 views
  • E A Shadow of Yesterday

    A FS/F sidestory. Big Mac receives a message and learns who the messenger was. Said messenger also broke into his private portal facility though.  · Rowan Ex
    2,390 words · 241 views  ·  12  ·  3
  • E On The Other Side

    Ponies After People/Last Pony on Earth Side Fic: Follow a unicorn filly and a seapony filly as they go wander around the Philippines.  · Rowan Ex
    1,418 words · 52 views  ·  7  ·  4
  • E I am, Helena

    My name is Helena Tess Ryder, and I am Twilight Sparkle. This is my story, and also not my story.  · Rowan Ex
    4,220 words · 131 views
  • E Radio Broadcast

    [Poniferan Era Short] In a futuristic Equestria where one radio channel unique from the other that exists, an earth pony technician/DJ fires up an old pedestal which was the cause of all things happening in Poniferan Era.  · Rowan Ex
    1,579 words · 63 views

Probably Important

Does anybody remember Project Stasis? Of course, it's my attempt to make an original multi-human girl-lead underaged HiE.

I just started to remake it in everything, although a few words might be taken from the old HiE versions (5 versions, in fact.)

Major changes will include (spoilers)

> Lily Xavia being a young girl (as always)

> Jonathan Xavia, Lily's father, a retired sorcerer working for the New Exodus Division

> Twilight adopting Lily

> Name changed to Stasys, which is, like, Stasis.

Report Rowan Ex · 32 views · Story: Project Stasis ·

Extended Information


Exodi Hub, Discord Sci-Fantasy RP Server

Who am I?

~ I'm a student who takes time in writing.

What kinds of stories do you write?

~ I write stories with science fiction and fantasy elements combined.

Anything else?

~ I like courier new as my font due to its simpleness.

Who is my favorite pony?

~ Twilight Sparkle, Princess Luna, and my OCs!

Hey guys! I'm Rowan Ex. Or, that's my internet name. I'm also known in quite many names, most prominent names are Xtermis, Markcrafter, and Test Subject #2833. So, enjoy.

Book Arcs

Rowan's Ponies Era

The Journal of Fredrick Arc

1. Dream Realm Destroia: Equestria

2. Genisis

3. Against The Crowd: Before The Light

4. Against The Crowd

5. Twin Universes

6. The Stargazer Files

Humanity Revolts Arc

7. Project Transmission and Formation

8. Stasys

9. A Conservative Interview

10. In The Fields

11. Equestria's Cahill Files

Retribution Arc

12. The Last Yeltorian Pony

13. Quiver

14. Quiver: The Lost Chapter

Void No More Arc

15. Against The Crowd: Resolution

16. Yeltor: Equestria/Crossia: Equestria

17. Between Four Worlds

18. Welcome To The Yeltor Multiverse

19. Final Frontier: Equestria

Rowan's Unusual Shorts

1. Beam

2. Nightmare Black Book

3. Radio Broadcast

4. Helena

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