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holy shit · 3:42am

Yesterday I was a witness to a murder at my work. Holy shit

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I don't think Regidar is transphobic, having talked to them at some length about a number of topics in the past.

Like, you can follow and unfollow who you want. That's your right and nobody should stop you. I just don't think there's a problem with someone who doesn't mistake a sexual fantasy for a real transgender woman. I also don't think there's a problem with someone who is attracted to real women regardless of their genitals. That's progress, lady, not problematic.

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>>2024107 to my belief futa extends to the fetish and doesn't have anything to do with actual transgendered people

I never refer to trans folk as futa or anything, I'm not stupid

I'm pretty entrenched inside the LGBT community so I'm confused that you'd reach that conclusion

I mean, if you get a bad vibe from me I can't stop that or anything, but I at least can ask that you explain why you feel that way?

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I saw a blog where you said futanari or some shit

Honestly I just get a bad vibe from you... ?

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>>2023805 but I'm not transphobic

I love trans people

I've only ever dated trans people (not because I don't like cis people, it just worked out that way)

I don't understand

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KidnoCaine:When otherkin display themselves as human sized animals, they are discriminating against those of us who believe the inherent size difference between different animalia is inherently valuable

CONDO NOT KILL:I'm Condo the otherkin

Super Highschool Level Pipedream:What if they just haven't figured out their genus yet?

Super Highschool Level Pipedream:I mean, damn, am I a black bear or a grizzly bear?

KidnoCaine:mineralkin differ from furries or scalies by relating not to animalia but rather to the natural elements of the Earth itself.

Super Highschool Level Pipedream:Clydesdale? Shetland?

KidnoCaine:Mineralkin shaming is telling me that I need to subject myself to animal methods of nutrients

Super Highschool Level Pipedream:Igneous? Sedimentary?

KidnoCaine:pomace to be exact

Super Highschool Level Pipedream:Pre-op?

KidnoCaine:yeah, unfortunately. The science is ahead of the funding

Super Highschool Level Pipedream:Damn. My gemstoner boyfriend is lucky they've got the synthetic garnets ready.

Super Highschool Level Pipedream:He's already on spessarite replacement therapy.