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This. F-ing. Game. · 11:48am

Oh my fucking God, where do I start. First off, the animator should not only be fired but shot. No, actually I'm going to blame the deadline on this one. This game is still in the stages of "pop it back in the oven till it's done cooking." Eyes track weirdly, black bars flicker all over the place, sometimes enemies and reg dolls bug a bit.

Then we get to the mistakes with the races. I've only heard one krogan, but the guy sounded straight up gay. Seriously, the only way the frog-dudes would get that high-pitched of a voice would be taking it up the poop-shoot. That extends to my issue with everyone else though. The voices are bad. A Salarian's metabolism is fast, that's why they're jittery. They should not be voiced like a human. Everyone is voiced like a human...except Turians. Turians got a strange voice-echo effect that makes them sound like changelings.

Overall it's a big disappointment. I heard gripes but I held out hope. I'll still likely finish it, if only to see more mass effect stuff, but if you're looking for a triple-a like the other mass effect games, keep looking. Seven days to die runs smoother and makes more sense, and they haven't even started to optimize that game. Yes, I find world-holes every now and again, but you know what? They're still working on that game. EA said this one is done.

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Hiya, as implied in the rather silly long comment I just left on your blog, thanks for the fave :twilightsmile:

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>>2410576 Yea, those were kind of to get me started back when I wasn't really certain if i'd enjoy this or not. I haven't really looked at them lately.  :rainbowlaugh:

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I think you might need to update your goals. Probably bump them up to 20K at the min for views, and maybe 900 for followers.

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>>2404220  well i have a an old copy of it but thats about 3 months old

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>>2403865 Twisted Fate is a mature fic I started a while ago with a fairly simple premise. MC is introduced just after Discord's defeat, which I'm using as the start of the alicorn sister's rule. He has to figure out how to survive in this time as a changeling, because the human body doesn't react well to the magic-saturated environment of Equis.

It's pretty sex-intensive(playing with that thin line between lust and love) so if you aren't old enough or you don't like that kind of thing don't  worry about it.

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