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Author update · 8:18am

Been a bit since I've posted, and considering we're into May already I want to get this out(good god, already?). I've mostly finished the next chapter of Twisted as well as gotten a chunk of the chapter after that done, I just refuse to edit and write a smut scene while at work. Nobody needs that. Seriously, if you're writing smut at work you are either a brave soul, or you have ED.

I'm excited as I'm moving into an otherwise untouched part of the universe for myself, the time period just after Discord's defeat. I'm sure there are other stories hat go there but I've not done much with it and have only referenced changes post-Nightmare Moon(CoA). It's a big world out there, and it's just waiting for us.

On a side note though, and my main distraction as of late, I've been playing Terraria. I've had the game for a long long time and just recently noticed the achievements, which I don't have. Being the OCD guy I am, I need those f-in' things and jumped back into the game.

Wow, did they change things up. Not only are there more biomes, but now that ive done more than get some gold for armor(my last few playtheoughs ended at gold or silver, I got bored and other games were calling me) I've found out they've expanded the item trees considerably. For those who played this game before, I think the last time I was on it, hallowed items were the best, and you could get the hamdrax. So yea, a long time ago.

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#89 · 2w, 5d ago · · ·

>>2439708 Actually his calm attitude was him forcing it for the first bit. When he was in the cage and he panicked, his friend panicked as well and things started getting explody. It was more for self-preservation than actual desire to remain calm. It remained a bit too long though and as I said, I just felt like it was a flat start.

#88 · 2w, 5d ago · 1 · ·


I don't mind Outlander's intro, though I can definitely see Shadow needing a re-write. Luke/Shadow just feels too calm through most of the early chapters, I'd honestly prefer a serious freak-out, a panic attack, or some grand show of emotion. I mean he has one when he runs from the dinner table, but that's also partially on Twilight.

I will say I love Shadow's potential though, there're just so many questions up in the air for what could hapen next. Is Sunset still around, and does she resent Twilight (and possibly Lukdow) for becoming Celestia's next student? Will Chryssy hear about this and decide to step up the invasion to try and rescue this new changling male? Will Lukdow coming into Twilight's life encourage her to make friends earlier and create an all new main 5+Twilight? Will he get exposed and reveal the existence of Changelings to ponies at large?

The possibilities are endless. :raritystarry:

#87 · 5w, 15h ago · · ·

>>2432750 Both those are up for a re-write. I just want to finish Substitute first. That one's just about finished, so after that i'll pick something else to be my main T-rated story. Most likely Shadow. I just don't like how choppy they feel. At the time it was fine but I've gotten a bit better since I started them.

#86 · 5w, 17h ago · · ·

There has not been a freaky unbirth fetish story based in "Twisted Fate" yet, and that story is over a year old.

I eagerly await this lack to be rectified, to my strangly fascinated revulsion.

Also, do you ever plan on continuing "Magic's Shadow" or "Crystal Outlander", please say yes, please, please, please.

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