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Backflipping through reality at ludicrous speeds.


Current Forecast:

Showers of Truth continuing into the evening. Something watches from below the waves.

The Cursed Age (7/18/2016-Present):

The Siren's Swan Song

The World Fades to White

He Said I Was His Friend


Threnody for Sanity

Pinchy's Smile

Truthseeker (ongoing)

The Silver Age (6/2/2014-10/31/2014):

As She Remembered It

Twilight in the Dreamlands

A Typical Night for the Pies

The Age of Naiveté (6/13/2012-8/7/2012):

Beyond the Mirror and The Other Side

The Trees are Screaming


This Age's To-Do List:

Write something

Write something else

Break the three fics/two years cycle

Don't stop writing things

Be more social

Be a lot more social

Finally get something featured

Finally get something properly featured

Actually write something decent

Actually write something good

In Trout's novel, The Pan-Galactic Memory Bank, the hero is on a space ship two hundred miles long and sixty-two miles in diameter. He gets a realistic novel out of the branch library in his neighborhood. He reads about sixty pages of it, and then he takes it back.

The librarian asks him why he doesn't like it, and he says to her, "I already know about human beings."

-Kurt Vonnegut, Breakfast of Champions

Well howdy there, stranger!

Name's ReluctantBrohoof, but you can call me RB! If you've somehow stumbled into this particular corner of FimFic, then you're probably either hopelessly lost or very confused, or possibly both! Unfortunately, I can't help you much with that. But, I do have a small selection of wares here that you can peruse while you figure out where you're going. If you're feeling generous, you can drop a comment or two; I appreciate the feedback!

(Oh, and anyone who can tell me where I got the 'Backflipping through reality' part of my tagline up there earns my respect. It's an extremely indirect reference to a very, very good book.)

I may not be the best writer, but I still have a few stories under my belt. So, if you're new to writing, or looking to start, consider looking at this. The references section should prove useful, at the very least.

If the phrase 'parallel dimension' sounds right to you, click this and learn something.

Top Shelf:

  • Truthseeker Gifted with the power of Truth, Lyra is inducted into an underground network of monster hunters. by ReluctantBrohoof 34,918 words · 429 views · 45 likes · 0 dislikes
  • The World Fades to White A princess and a yak endure the harsh conditions of the Frozen North. by ReluctantBrohoof 3,388 words · 226 views · 28 likes · 1 dislikes
  • He Said I Was His Friend While on a visit to Canterlot, Twilight has a brief encounter with an odd stallion, one whom Princess Celestia has known for a very, very long time. by ReluctantBrohoof 2,976 words · 376 views · 26 likes · 1 dislikes
  • The Siren's Swan Song They say that when a siren knows it is about to die, it begins singing. by ReluctantBrohoof 924 words · 147 views · 12 likes · 0 dislikes
  • The Trees are Screaming A diary written by Apple Bloom, detailing the events leading to a horrifying conclusion. by ReluctantBrohoof 1,068 words · 4,745 views · 189 likes · 16 dislikes

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>>2394843 No problem man; happy to help.

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I'm not sure you got my reply to your comment on my story, since I deleted Chapter 2 and combined it with Chapter 1. In case you didn't, thank you for your input, I have made a few edits following your advice, and I'm glad you find my story intriguing.

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Thank you for stalking following me :pinkiecrazy:

Happy to be somebunny worth keeping an eye on :scootangel:

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Can you see the changes? If not, I can indicate them.

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