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Rainb0w Rambles about Purple Tinker, Freedom of Speech, and Nazi Sympathism

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In early March, Purple Tinker made a series of tweets about Mustard Seed alleging they were a Nazi sympathizer because they retweeted a picture of Aryanne, said some rude things to MLP staff, and said to throw away a sandwich.

Tinker's response to all of this was to go and email every convention Mustard Seed was a part of or thought he might be a part of to get him removed from staff. These conventions include but are not limited to: Everfree Northwest, Fillycon, Grand Brony Gala, Bronycon, Ponycon MLP, Pacific Pony Con, Trotcon, and Whinney City Pony Con.

Obviously these are some very serious, libelous, allegations, not to mention a freedom of speech issue since a lot of what Tinker has been tweeting about Mustard Seed, Alt Brony, and politics in general throw up some alarming red flags.

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Eh, it's cool. Weird that it send me to something I don't understand, but cool.

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>>2392763 Website expired, a few years ago actually. It's one of those domain for sale pages. Sorry about that hehe. :rainbowwild:

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You know, I actually tried the cryingfluttershy.com link. It sent me to weird Japanese/Chinese website. I could barely read it and I'm too lazy to translate (and I don't know Japanese or Chinese.) so... care to explain?

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It will be soon!

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Why is Our Day in Disdain not posted here on FimFic? I was just curious is all....

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