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Just a normal college student who loves to workout, play cards, and is also a bit of a hopeless romantic. Most of all, I love MLP:FiM. Can't wait to start reading and writing.

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  • T Prom Night's Light

    It's prom night! Time for the girls to dress up, take pictures, and have a good time.  · RS-Belle14
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  • E Ponyville Sunlight

    Sunset Shimmer finally crosses the portal to Equestria to visit her friend, Princess Twilight Sparkle. Twilight is very excited to show Sunset around town.  · RS-Belle14
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  • E Holiday Sunlight

    After the stress of being a ruler and now teacher is becoming a bit overwhelming, Princess Twilight is offered a one-on-one holiday with Sunset Shimmer.  · RS-Belle14
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  • E Sweetie Belle's Mirror

    When Sweetie Belle begins to feel very self-conscious about her looks, Spike decides to sit her down and ask what she sees. Note: While this story is a sequel, it's also a one-shot by nature. Reading its prequel is not necessary.  · RS-Belle14
    9,599 words · 2,565 views  ·  73  ·  9
  • E The Sunlight Café

    After being asked to cross the portal, Twilight comes to spend some time with Sunset and see what's on her mind.  · RS-Belle14
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  • E Sweetie Belle's Sweet Birthday

    It's Sweetie Belle's birthday, and she couldn't be more excited. Little does she know someone has a special gift planned for her.  · RS-Belle14
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  • E Who's Marble?

    When Cheerilee hears about the Apple Family's most recent Hearth's Warming, she decides to confront Big Macintosh.  · RS-Belle14
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  • E Sweetie Belle's Secret Hearth's Warming

    It's the holiday season, and it's time to exchange gifts. When Sweetie Belle is arranged to give a present to a certain dragon, perhaps it's time she finally acted on her clandestine feelings.  · RS-Belle14
    7,731 words · 3,208 views  ·  86  ·  4


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My newest story has been pretty successful since it's been released. Admittedly, I was hoping it would be just as big as its two prequels, but i understand that the long wait probably didn't help me. I blame myself, but I'm still pretty happy with how things turned out. I should be able to release stories more frequently again.

I really do like how Prom Night turned out. I had plenty of fun writing it (well, before the end December anyway), and I'm glad a lot of people seem to enjoy it, too. My favorite scenes had to be the dance offs and Sunset and Twilight's final dance. What can I say? They bring back memories.

I'm already a good way through my current story. Now that I'm out of that dark place and working on a different story that has nothing to do with my SunLight series, my mind feels very fresh. This one is coming to me very easily.

Well, that's it for now. Now, I'm gonna focus my attention on the YuGiOh tournament this Saturday. I won't settle for silver this time :rainbowdetermined2:.

Have a good one!

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Yeah how did I not realise that up until now that all my favorite shows actually had initials

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>>2309799 I like MLP, EQG, and DBZ as well (and apparently I also like shows with initials).

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I am a guy who likes MLP and I think it's about as awesome as Dragonball z and if you don't know me, is incredibly awesome. I'm really into the EG more than the show tho. Sunset shimmer is best with

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>>2259122 Ha. Who knows? Technology can get screwy sometimes. But hey, thanks for the following :twilightsmile:

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The hell? I thought I was already following you! :pinkiegasp:

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