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Just a normal college student who loves to workout, play cards, and is also a bit of a hopeless romantic. Most of all, I love MLP:FiM. Can't wait to start reading and writing.

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  • E Ponyville Sunlight

    Sunset Shimmer finally crosses the portal to Equestria to visit her friend, Princess Twilight Sparkle. Twilight is very excited to show Sunset around town.  · RS-Belle14
    20,118 words · 3,271 views  ·  309  ·  15
  • E Holiday Sunlight

    After the stress of being a ruler and now teacher is becoming a bit overwhelming, Princess Twilight is offered a one-on-one holiday with Sunset Shimmer.  · RS-Belle14
    10,375 words · 6,320 views  ·  469  ·  17
  • E Sweetie Belle's Mirror

    When Sweetie Belle begins to feel very self-conscious about her looks, Spike decides to sit her down and ask what she sees. Note: While this story is a sequel, it's also a one-shot by nature. Reading its prequel is not necessary.  · RS-Belle14
    9,599 words · 2,375 views  ·  69  ·  9
  • E The Sunlight CafĂ©

    After being asked to cross the portal, Twilight comes to spend some time with Sunset and see what's on her mind.  · RS-Belle14
    3,849 words · 3,043 views  ·  205  ·  4
  • E Sweetie Belle's Sweet Birthday

    It's Sweetie Belle's birthday, and she couldn't be more excited. Little does she know someone has a special gift planned for her.  · RS-Belle14
    10,307 words · 3,222 views  ·  101  ·  4
  • E Who's Marble?

    When Cheerilee hears about the Apple Family's most recent Hearth's Warming, she decides to confront Big Macintosh.  · RS-Belle14
    4,054 words · 733 views  ·  32  ·  5
  • E Sweetie Belle's Secret Hearth's Warming

    It's the holiday season, and it's time to exchange gifts. When Sweetie Belle is arranged to give a present to a certain dragon, perhaps it's time she finally acted on her clandestine feelings.  · RS-Belle14
    7,731 words · 3,021 views  ·  86  ·  4



30,000 Views! · 2:53am

After about a year and half of being a FimFiction writer, I have a milestone of 30,000 views. That's unbelievable. When I first started, I thought I'd be lucky to get just 10,000. Thank you everyone :twilightsmile:

Well, I'm gonna go wrap up this story. The first draft is only missing less than half a chapter. The only real tricky part is one particular scene (you'll understand why when it's released). Wish me luck. Have a good one!

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Yeah how did I not realise that up until now that all my favorite shows actually had initials

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>>2309799 I like MLP, EQG, and DBZ as well (and apparently I also like shows with initials).

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I am a guy who likes MLP and I think it's about as awesome as Dragonball z and if you don't know me, is incredibly awesome. I'm really into the EG more than the show tho. Sunset shimmer is best with

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>>2259122 Ha. Who knows? Technology can get screwy sometimes. But hey, thanks for the following :twilightsmile:

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The hell? I thought I was already following you! :pinkiegasp:

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