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Just a smalltown mare with a love for artwork and stories.


  • E Magic Never Dies

    It’s been over a decade since Twilight Sparkle lost her life. Everypony has moved on, but Spike has retained a special part of her body for safekeeping. Once a year, the lonely dragon gets to hold it and feel her magic again.  · Game-BeatX14
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  • E Restless Nights

    Burdened beneath enough guilt, a feather can weigh a ton.  · Silver Flare
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  • E History Forgets

    I have heard ponies say that living so long would be a curse. That it is a burden. That it can break a pony's mind. There is some truth to that, but it's not the whole truth.  · Rainedash
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  • E She Said No

    Another disaster has struck Equestria, and Princess Celestia sends for the Elements of Harmony to band together once more. She gets a response she never expected from her former student: No.  · Kodeake
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  • E Red Apples

    Nightmare Moon is defeated, Ponyville is celebrating the return of the sun and Princess Luna finds herself a thousand years from the world she knew, where even apples are strange.  · billymorph
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  • E Would It Matter If I Was?

    In the wake of the Canterlot Wedding, Fluttershy has to ask Twilight a very difficult question.  · GaPJaxie
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  • E Make a Plan, Take a Chance

    Being a chessmaster isn't as easy as it looks.  · Mooncalf
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  • E Aftershocks, I swear!

    Shining Armor shares a story about his wife.  · Jonesly
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  • E In the Place the Wild Horses Sleep

    Young Mia is determined to run with wild horses, and nothing is going to stop her. Not her mother. Not even magical talking ponies...  · Lucky Dreams
    2,814 words · 3,176 views  ·  373  ·  8

So overall this is a small update, but I'm mostly just letting you all know that I'm still alive...

I know I've put Riven Gloom on hiatus for a while now, but with my failure to come through on a story for this years EFNW Scribblefest, I decided that maybe it'd be a better time to start taking the time to work through it again, editing out unnecessary parts/conversations, adding left out tidbits, etc. Now that my laptop is back from the shop, I'm even considering picking up on writing chapter 6 again now.

To be perfectly honest, I've been going through a lot lately and I feel like it's just getting started (I won't bother anyone with the details), but with that in mind to make it clear I'm not going to make any promises that anything decent will be uploaded anytime soon, but for now, I'm taking the story off of the hiatus label and back into a work in progress.

As anybody who has read it may already know, Riven Gloom's intro has especially been needing some work for some time now, and it's long overdo that I got it done. I think it feels a lot less like a history lecture now, haha. I may even resubmit it to a few groups to get a bit of feedback on the direction it's going in for now, and heck, if you're reading this here, please take a look when you've got some time. I could really use someone to take a look and tell me if it's now too terse, or still dragging on too long.

Find the story here if you're interested! ^-^

Another note: I would love some feedback on the concept of changing up the main character's name and revamp her appearance a bit (You ever find one of those badly written oc characters that happens to look almost exactly the same as yours? Well imagine that that character also ended up having exact same name as yours. Yup, that actually has happened to me now. :pinkiesick: Yeah, just sort of killed her whole design for me). Anyways, if you actually read this far, tell me what you think! :twilightsmile:

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My Junk

  • E Tantabus

    The time has come for Luna and Celestia to talk about a few things.  · Peekaboo
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  • E Condemnation

    Princess Luna and Princess Cadence find the time to really talk about Twilight's Ascendance into Alicornhood.  · Peekaboo
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  • E With Tears in Her Eyes

    Celestia tells the truth about Nightmare Moon.  · Peekaboo
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  • E Memories

    Pregnant Buttercup has tea and an important talk with her mother.  · Peekaboo
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  • E The Flower's Grove

    The woods have become different at night...  · Peekaboo
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  • T Rosalina

    It's like any other day, isn't it?  · Peekaboo
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  • E But He Smiled

    An elderly stallion recounts the tale of a mare he met long ago...  · Peekaboo
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Same here although I am trying to branch out to other things such as anime, dragons, and wolves :P

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Ponies mostly, I sketch other things, but most of my finished works usually tend to be ponies.

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Thanks, I'm always working to better myself at my art. What do you draw?

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You're welcome. ^^ Your artwork is pretty good, by the way!

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Thanks (oh ignore the first 3 pieces that show up those were just ones that i messed around with)

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