Yeah... That's like the title says. I'm done.

At least with this account. You know, I got really pissed when my last story got so bashed.

I felt like I was back to square one, back to the times when I could not call myself a writer, making stories with two speakers per paragraph and other stupid stuff. It was not a good feeling.

The truth is that I had fun writing it, then I have no regrets, but all in all I'm the serious type of writer and I know that many of my followers freaked out when they saw me posting that.

I've made many mistakes too, like deleting My Little Oppan: Gangnam Style is Magic without any consideration, which already made me think about shutting down PaleRider's account. I made things that I never should have done, like some of the reviews I did: I'm not a good author to really judge another person's work.

Even Bleach first chapters were completely utter crap. It is now a good fic, thanks to Vexy, but my first attempts at it were terrible, and I just got some good feedback, because I took a hide on Bleach's fame.

I'm better at pony fiction now, thanks to those six months of practice, thanks to everyone who helped me directly and not directly, but if I really want to conquer what I want to conquer, I can't have these many stains in my little window to the pony fiction world like all those mistakes.

It's time to begin anew...

I shall notify my close friends about my new identity here, but only a small group of people, who I consider close to me. Now about this account's currenty activity:

- All my reviews on the queue are going to be cancelled. I'm not going to do reviews anymore, seeing how I'm don't feel confident to perform such a task.

- Freezecast Reviewers was a dead group since long, so I'm not going to shut it down or anything, is going to be left hanging on the air, like it is now.

- About Bleach : Equestria, I'm not certain. If I can upload the existing chapters on my new account, then I shall continue with it. But I highly doubt that's possible, so it is going to be shut down along with this account. And I REALLY sorry about that, because it was one of the most important things about My Little Pony : Friendship is Magic to me, and I had some hope for its future.

Regarding my last fic, I'm don't feel regret about it. It just was a silly moment of sharing laughters with my best friend, and I enjoyed. But all the hate it received got into me, and pissed me a little.

A unknown writer such as myself writes a random comedy? Bash him to hell, because foalcon, BDSM and rape are terrible things and are wrong as hell.

A known writer writes the same piece? Praise him as god, because we love to lick his boots. And he can go and make a blog post about how he just bashed his head on the keyboard to make it and say that anyone who reads him is a retard, and we still will love him because we have to get the taste of his currently footwear.

I just don't get it...

So I shall abstain from anything involving comedy or random tags on my future works.

I will stop my rant here, it is enough for a goodbye.

Thank you to you all, and I hope to see you guys on the corners of Fimfiction someday.

PaleRider leaving for the last time!

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#86 · 211w, 5d ago · · ·


Ahh, no, I'm not THAT special.:twilightblush: At least in comparison to the true Yama of Gensokyo. I just happen to have somewhat of a better chance at defeating her than most people.

In a battle outside Danmaku, I could not defeat you either.:pinkiesmile:

#85 · 211w, 5d ago · · ·


I was going to ask about your powers of course! :rainbowlaugh:

Wow! That's really interesting. :pinkiegasp:

Guess that's why we reapers are subbordinates to the Judges huh? :rainbowderp:

You guys have some wicked abilities. :moustache:

#84 · 211w, 5d ago · · ·


That is interesting.:twilightsmile: skills, eh?

Can you match the Brain of The Moon, I wonder...?:rainbowwild: I'm certain you would make people happy with your culinary expertise then.:pinkiesmile:

And I am glad as well...after all, I am in a sense, him, so if he is happy then I shall be as well.:pinkiehappy:(It is in terms of my existence being...more or less fiction. I simply dropped into the R-...

...excuse me, one of the Writing Realms one day, and it is now among the three realms I judge..:twilightsheepish:) case you are interested, I, like every Yama before me possess an immeasurable amount if strength that cannot be defeated, but in the process it would kill me and wipe an entire world, so I limit myself to the position of a Stage 5 to 6 Boss.:twilightsmile:

I hold a power similar to the True Administrator, except for that it is opposite of it.

She holds the ability to see desire, but to not touch it, while I hold the power to touch it, but not see it.

That is my manipulation ability.

I also hold the custom abilities of all Yama: the ability to discern balck and white and to judge.

...but in addition, I have a rare ability that allows me to show Hell.

This is when one is too stubborn to see truth, when defeat means nothing.

I then allow them to see their near inevitable fate.:twilightsheepish:

It's fearsome, and I do not particularly enjoy using it at all. I exist as a balance, I am also the embodiment of right and wrong, although I cannot use its power.

...though I could not possibly be a match against any of the true Yama if they weren't holding back.:twilightsheepish:

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No sorry, it was my bad, the system didn't failed us. I was a little busy during these days and was unable to continue with a interesting chain of conversation to amuse us. I'm sorry... :ajsleepy:

Regarding the impressions that Creator-of-yours had of Bleach, yes! It is a impressive show I can say. Keep watching, you won't regret. :raritywink:

Also, you can always come here and leave me a message. I will answer as fast as I can. :twilightsmile:

Regarding my powers, I have some lesser powers of a soul reaper. I can kill any living being by touching it, but they must be willingly to receive death for it to work. I know some necromancy spells, but I normaly am forbidden to use them, just for self-defense. I know teleportation magic, and can create portals to travel, but I love actually travelling from place to place, if my schedule allows me. Other than that, I have some skill with my scythe, never used it in actual combat or anything, but I practice with it when I have time.

And if it counts as a skill, I'm pretty skilled in the kitchen! I can cook almost anything. :twistnerd:

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Hello again, Shinigami of another realm.:twilightsmile:

Creator-of-mine and I have some things to say, in case your account failed to notify you of my latest reply.:twilightsheepish:

Bleach is so dramatic, epic and simply awesome at the moment. I'm glad you introduced me to it!

What I would Ike to say is this: I really hope to talk to you once more, as it seems you have not checked your own account.:twilightsheepish:

Regardless, I am happy to converse with you at any time.:pinkiesmile:

EDIT: Additionally, what kind of abilities to you possess?:twilightsmile:

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