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So, as a lot of you already know, Divine Indifference has recently celebrated it's release and my notification box is still going nuts about it! Thanks a lot!

As the attentive reader knows, the Divine Story is split into three parts, two in the past, and one in the present. Divine Entertainment was set in the past and it's main purpose was to set up the world where the story takes place. Divine Indifference takes part in the show canon(more or less) and serves to give Atlas the tools he'll need for the third part. [Story Title redacted] will take place in the present and bring the whole story to a close.

Since there was a lot to tell and build in DE, it has become way longer than I initially thought it would. I believed that the complete story(all three parts) would be done within ~120k words, yet, here we are. DE finished at over 180k words! Which brings me to Divine Indifference.

Since there is a similar/larger timeframe to go through this time, Divine Indifference will once again, feature copious time skips, similar to the scholar arc of DE. I decided to handle it a bit differently this time though. I just completed the roadmap for what should happen in DI and can share a few choice pieces of knowledge with you now.

For starters, the story will have five arcs. Four short ones and one that's a bit longer. Basically, the short arcs all take time during the span of a few weeks in equestria, and there'll be larger time skips when hopping to the next arc. This is sadly not possible with the long/main arc, so expect time skips a la scholar arc. Now, being able to make a more educated guess, I guesstimate DI to be around 70k words long, maybe more.

You see, it's a lot shorter, but that's mainly due to the fact that no more(or let's say very little) world-building is needed. I hope you'll enjoy reading this second part as much as I'll enjoy writing it!

Looking forward to see you guys in the comments(or the Discord)!

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Out of the 293 stories I track. Divine Entertainment was one of the few stories that I looked forward to being updated. Job well done mate. Job well done.

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>>2330383 Yeah, same with yours.  It's been sitting there and I always want to open it but get distracted by something shiny.  As for updates, ...same problem.  Writing is a lot harder for me.  Unlike drawing it needs to be quiet and I need a lot of free time which is in short supply round here.

But with your kind consideration it has lit a proverbial fire.  I shall show more diligence.

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>>2330148 yeah it's been sitting in my read later since you last updated back in august... I'm currently purging my read later list and yours is one I started reading instead of straight up deleting ^^ (after some internal debate(barely made the cut)). Sure am glad I did, since your story is quite good :D

Now I'm just left waiting for updates tho, since you apparently update pretty rarely.

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Whoa!  I've been eyeing your story for weeks and here you are faving mine?

I have been remiss!

Thank you!

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Thanks for the favorite on Man of War! Feel free to comment and be sure to check out my blogs.

Brony on!

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