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The ship plummeted, seriously upsetting a ‘V’ of migrating birds that exploded and fried on the burning surface of the hull.

My Biography

There’s really not much for me to say when it comes to filling in a self-description, but since I like to hear myself talk, I might as well put something down.  

I’m female.

If you’re wondering what part of the world I’m in, I’m in Southern California on the West Coast of the United States.

Mainly, I’m interested in anthropology and science fiction concepts.

I’m also a fan of self sufficiency- I get this 'muscle lightness'  sensation just beneath my breastbone (which, at this point in my WebMD aided self-diagnosis, has equal chances of being either an emotion called “fondness” or the constricted thrashing of an incubating larval parasite occupying the space where some of my lungs should be) when I think about off gridding, producing one’s own electricity, growing one’s own food, homeschooling,  herbalism, backpacking, rustic crafts, and animal husbandry.

So yeah, I’m more or less one of those crazies who wants to move up to the rural north to live in debauchery with inbred barnyard animals and write manifestoes in a cabin somewhere.

But hay, just because I’m psycho doesn’t mean I can’t feign mental health enough to hold up a conversation. Let’s be friends!


I've got a small idea about how adult ponies' thought process is shaped by their language.

Anyone notice how most ponies don't seem to take their safety into their own hooves? I got a theory on that.

You know how in English, a grammatically correct sentence is "It is raining." ? Well, I was thinking that in Equish, that same sentiment is expressed by just saying "Raining."

The language of English sets people up with a sense of curiosity because it draws attention to the fact that there's a cause and effect going on. "It is raining." But what is "it?" Something is causing the rain. This thought exists in the back of people's minds.    

Compared to Equish, which just accepts things at face value. "Raining." Which might as well be "rain is happening." Speakers of Equish are not given that extra push to question 'why' or 'how,' they just accept it. And if they just accept it, they're less likely to try and do anything about it. I'm thinking that this sense of 'just accepting it' is why ponies in Ponyville don't try to get on the offensive and burn down or fence off the Everfree Forest.

I'd like to hear your thoughts on how pony language, pony biology, and outside circumstances influence pony society.

...Sorry to bore you with this crap. I've had a bad day and this is my method of fishing for complements.

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You know you want dat ass.

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>>2256749 It's... It's beautiful. So round, so firm. It sways so beautifully.

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Or you could just drink coffee? I mean pfft.. Who..Who needs sleep these day's huh? I mean Really...Come on.

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I can show you some more. Actually it's getting kind of late on my side of the world. It's passed 10pm, so this might be my last post for the night.

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