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[Halt] · 10:29pm

Ever have one of those days that suddenly shatter your entire perspective on the world?

Yeah. They’re fun, huh?

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Ebon Quill, one of the main reasons why my stories are so much better than my first drafts, has got his new story up! Stop what you're doing right now and go read it.

A jaded detective investigating a bizarre multiple foalnapping uncovers a dangerous fugitive. To bring the culprit down and rescue the foals, she'll have to brave the dizzying heights of the magitech corporations, race the dawn, and stop the rebirth of a fallen dynasty.

Is there any kindness remaining in this brave, new Equestria?

Why are you still here?



You're going to want to read the story before you read this. So go do that!


Mythical birds? Check. Teenage dragons being teenagers? Check. Epic griffon versus dragon war? Check. Dramatic entrance? Check. Totally unexpected culture and lore building? Check.

Think that’s it.

Let’s get this party started, shall we?

Welcome to the retrospective on my first non-Wavelengths FimFiction story.

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Faith Manages · 2:48am

I’d like to take a moment to reflect on how this all started and where this is all going. I know most of you are here for my Sunset Shimmer stories and there’s only a hoofful of GoE followers in here. This is about both. Don’t worry, this all ties together.

Hopefully, you’ll know a little more about why I do what I do by the end of this post.

At the end of Season 4 of Babylon 5, there was an interesting series of events. The final episode of the season was uniquely constructed as they had just got cleared for the fifth and final season. It was a last-minute greenlight.

“The Deconstruction of Falling Stars” is a series of vignettes detailing events occurring from one year to a million years past the events of Babylon 5. At the end of the episode, a special message appears on the screen:


J. Michael Straczynski, the creator of Babylon 5, described this message as such:

"On the one hand, it is a statement of hope to anyone else out there who has a dream, to follow it no matter who speaks against you, no matter the odds, no matter what they say to or about you, no matter what roadblocks they throw in your way. What matters is that you remain true to your vision.

"On the other hand, for the reviewers and the pundits and the critics and the net-stalkers who have done nothing but rag on this show for five years straight, it is also a giant middle finger composed of red neon fifty stories tall, that will burn forever in the night.

Gardens of Equestria: This Coming Storm is my Babylon 5.

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Download it now at NexusMods!

The Watcher is the prologue for Gardens of Equestria: This Coming Storm, and the first in a series of episodes in a DLC-length mod for Fallout: New Vegas. It introduces players to Gardens of Equestria, an episodic adventure that shuffles the reality of New Vegas like a pack of cards. GoE introduces new enemies, allies, and unique equipment from beyond the Mojave. As you investigate the cause of these echoes, you will choose a side and decide the fate of two worlds.

However, it’s not just the start of a world-spanning adventure. Changes have swept through the New Pegasus area, altering everything from billboards to ancient Pre-War posters, stimpaks to road signs, teddy bears to the Las Pegasus sign itself. There’s also a new PipBuck radio station featuring 32 of the greatest hits from the MLP:FiM fandom. The reality distortions have even affected your PipBuck’s user interface, complete with new loading screens, a new progress wheel and altered game Perks. Custom cinematics, a fully-voiced cast, unique new ambient music and much, much more await you within.

Gardens of Equestria: This Coming Storm requires Fallout: New Vegas and the Old World Blues DLC.

Prices and participation may vary. See store for details. If your download lasts for more than six hours, contact the Ministry of Peace immediately. This simulation has been approved by the Ministry of Morale, and verified by the Ministry of Arcane Sciences to run on most StableTec(TM) terminals.

Equestria Daily Banner Art by Blue Nova



Novel Idea here with a very special announcement.

This is it.

The moment you’ve been waiting for.

Over a year and a half in the making.

Get hype.


It’s finally here. You finally get to experience the prologue of an epic adventure that will span space and time, introduce new factions, new companions, new allies and new enemies. You’ll journey into a hole in reality itself as you uncover the greatest secret hidden in the depths of the Mojave.

The fate of two worlds hangs in the balance. Are you ready? Because you’d better get ready.

Smuggler’s Run was just the beginning. It was the commercial for the brand-new TV series. Well, now you get to experience the pre-credits segment of the series!

The changes have already swept through New Pegasus. Billboards now show ads for the Ministry of Peace, the Ministry of Morale and the Ministry of Arcane Sciences. Every road sign within fifty miles has mysteriously changed to New Pegasus. From stimpaks to the actual New Pegasus sign, the world will never be the same.

But that’s not all of it. A brand-new 32-song radio station is now available, featuring some of the greatest hits in all of the MLP:FiM fandom, including Aviators, MandoPony and so much more.

Our Prologue, “The Watcher,” will introduce you to the story of Gardens of Equestria: This Coming Storm. A strange message sends the Courier to Goodsprings to meet with a girl who claims a mysterious cave has appeared overnight in the cliffs above town. This seemingly innocent event reveals a secret that shakes the very foundations of reality itself.

You’ve watched the trailers. You’ve read the blogs. You’ve seen the screenshots.

Now, experience it for yourself.

Noon Pacific. February 17th.

Get Hype.

(Required High Noon Meme Joke)


You're going to want to read the story before you read this. So go do that!


Welcome, everypony to the retrospective of Bards of the Badlands and yet another dose of D&D mixed with MLP!

Today we've got some fun stuff. A bit wonky, but fun.

And a whole lot of epic art.

Because epic stuff is epic.

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Ow. · 6:29am

Ever have one of those weeks? Yeah, I'm having one of those weeks.

One of those weeks where it feels like life's just sorta... plowed over you? You're blinking in the aftermath going what the hay just happened? Why am I starting this blog with so many questions? I don't know, can you tell me?

So. I'm working my tail off on GoE (Secret: I'm always working my tail off on GoE). But you probably already knew that. That's been rough lately. But, instead, we're here to talk about stories. So, let's talk about stories.

Bards of the Badlands, for example.

Now, I know you'll all probably scream bloody murder about this, but I've decided to wait to release the next chapter of Bards of the Badlands next Sunday at 10 AM and the last chapter on Monday at 10 AM. Ayep! That means the story will officially be complete next week on Monday (Yes, I know I'm still evil).

Why you ask? Why would I do this? Well, a couple reasons. First of all, this week's chapter had an awesome cliffhanger. But more importantly, the next chapter and the last chapter really go hand-in-hand and I didn't want to make you wait (long) between the two of them.

Granted, my judgment as of late hasn't exactly been stellar, so who knows if this is actually a good idea or not... but we'll do it anyway.

But I do have something new to show you!

Announcing my next short story, Habits of the Equestrian Phoenix, starring everypony's favorite feathered firebird, Philomena, and her assistant, Sunset Shimmer! You'll actually get the story behind two Noodle Incidents between Sunset and Philomena in this little tale. It's short too, so you'll get it all in one go. I promise!

No, really! The first draft's already been written! It's just over 4,000 words! You'll get it all a--

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That image does not even begin to describe my mental state right now.

From Monday to Thursday, I did a full day of work, got home around 6ish, watched a Babylon 5 with my wife during dinner and then went to work on Gardens of Equestria. This week, I did more things than I want to admit. But I’ll mention a few of them…

-Redesigned a script system for GoE to prevent companions from the Fallout: New Vegas main game from entering GoE areas, to make sure the story remained consistent and to prevent balance issues with game mechanics. That sounds easy. It’s not. It took me four hours of straight non-stop work after untold hours before to finally put that one to bed.

-Spent 12 hours working on game balance, trying to figure out ways that any character, be they Level 1 or Level 50, can walk into GoE areas and start playing the game.

-Redesigned the method in which the boss appears so players can enjoy the full glory of his presence (and run screaming).

-Created brand new LOD data for the entire Wasteland of New Vegas. Including new billboards, train tracks, buildings, lights, roads and a thousand other things.

-Created a new book for players to use for medicinal purposes, including specialized logos and icons for use in-game.

-Integrated [REDACTED] into the game instead of stimpaks.

But wait! There’s more!

I started to realize that this little side story of mine Sunlit Field Ops is actually going to be a lot bigger than I anticipated. I’ve also been paying attention to the stories that tend to be the most popular here on FimFiction and decided maybe I should write what the people and ponies want.

So, I’ve started to experiment with short stories. The first one I did, just shy of my 3,000 word limit, isn’t all that great. However, my second one that I’m about halfway through? That I’m very happy with so far.

I’m not sure if the first will ever see the light of day, but the second you’ll definitely see. Both are set during the Origins Arc of the Wavelengths Timeline. One happens about two years after Grading on a Bell Curve, while the other one happens right in between How Not To Use Your Royal Prerogative and The Application of Unified Harmony Magics.

But the best part is it doesn’t matter at all. These stories, while set in the Wavelengths Timeline, are completely independant of the story. Yes, they involve Sunset, but they involve her in ways that are completely accessible.

So get excited.

Oh yeah. Speaking of stories…

Bards of the Badlands will have two chapters this week. One on Monday at 10AM and the second on Tuesday at 10AM. I’m moving to a twice-a-week release schedule. I may have already said this. I don’t remember. Probably. Yeah, I’m that out of it.

(By the way, the picture above was what I originally wanted to use for my cover of Bards of the Badlands, but sadly, the artist never replied, so instead I got an epic Hydra instead!)

Let’s see… oh yeah!

Sunlight Sliders just had an incredibly kickass entry by none other but the legendary Oroboro! I am so freaking psyched over his chapter. Seriously, I’m still geeking out about it. It was amazing. It still is amazing. He actually made Twilight Sparkle an allomancer! A FREAKING ALLOMANCER!

Yes, I may be an enormous Brandon Sanderson fan.

The squee could have been heard on the freaking moon! Oh, it was simply magnificent. Seriously, this guy knows how to write. If you haven’t been reading this, you’ve been missing out.

Um… yeah… what was I saying?

I have no idea.

I’m going to do one game of Overwatch and collapse into bed.

Cheers and I’ll see you on Monday for Bards!



Stop what you're doing and watch this.

I worked my freakin' tail off on this. I know a lot of you are here for my Sunset tales, but you should really check that out. Just as much work went into that (actually, a hell of a lot more) as does my stories. So at least give it a watch. :pinkiehappy:

This one's going to be short. Runnin' on fumes here. Bards Chapter 2, "The Players" will come out tomorrow shortly after 10 AM. After that, I hope to move to a twice-a-week release schedule, probably on Sunday and Tuesday. I'm having to really double-down on GoE to make our Prologue release in February. I've been working most of the month on this, so my writing has suffered seriously. I doubt I'll even make half my goal this month.

I'm still trying to figure out the correct balance for this. It's hard.

Yeah, sorry, nothing huge today. Between edits for Bards and all the work left on GoE... I barely have any time to think. I'm just trying to make it through.

So cheers until next time!

Oh yeah, go read SunLight Sliders! It's fun!