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Alas, we have come to the end of the Equestria Girls Specials Trilogy with "Mirror Magic". The whole experience was an interesting break in format, made all the more unique thanks to Poland and the dedicated bronies behind the English subtitle versions. So, here's what I thought of the finale:

1. Starlight Glimmer is freaking adorable. Yes. Just yes. :rainbowkiss: As I've mentioned before, I don't watch Friendship in Magic, my knowledge of it coming from fanfics, parodies, etc. I'm aware of the butthurt Starlight receives, but as far as "Mirror Magic" goes, I'm officially on the GlimGlam train. Heck, if the haters are correct and FIM has truly become "The Starlight Glimmer Show" then I'm honestly wondering if I should actually go watch seasons 5-7 now.

2. Juniper Montage was a better villain this time, but still "meh" in the end. She was indeed a threat at first... then she transformed. Sunset, Sci-Twi, and Gloriosa all turned into powerful/awesome/sexy beings but Juniper becomes nothing more than a giant diva with hallucinations of fame? I mean, it makes sense, but sheesh. Couldn't she have thrown ONE energy blast, at least?

3. The Dance Magic music video plays on repeat so we can get a Sour Sweet cameo. I don't remember who and where I heard it from, but it makes me wonder if the theory that the "A Chance to Shine!" contest being just a big scam to get free footage for the mall's advertising was correct after all.

4. So many cute, little details. Sunset's new "Sunsheen" nickname. "Equestext". Pinkie Pie being a complete liar about the fourth wall. Filthy Rich on his phone at the very start, no doubt calling Russia about an upcoming election...


Nico-Stone: Hey, uh, Sour?

Sour Sweet: Hm?

Nico-Stone: Say, um, how do you feel about, oh, I don't know... polygamy?

Sour Sweet: This is about Starlight, isn't it?

Nico-Stone: Wha? Heh, heh. W-who said anything about St-Starlight, huh? I-I-I have just observed that, uh, you know, a lot of fanboys have more than one waifu, and, well, I...

Sour Sweet: You have a five second head start...

Nico-Stone: Come on, did you SEE GlimGlam's messy ice cream face?!

(Sounds of tackling, punching, and Nico-Stone screaming in agony)

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If you haven't already, you should listen closely to the lyrics of the song Faded by Alan Walker. I noticed earlier that there are many similarities to events, lines, and quotes that are in some of the Sour Sweet stories.

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In the special i have to say Sour was the best character there(maybe im bias as i love the shadow bolts more that the human 7, well except sunset)

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>>2402738  lol well I hope so cause they're amazing

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any new sour sweet stories coming soon ?

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