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Co-host and editor of the Pony 411 podcast! I also regularly feature fics on it.

Featured Fics on Pony 411

  • T Sunset Shimmer and Discord Go Back to the Future

    Sunset is bored. Discord is bored. What better way to solve their problems than a whacky time travel adventure? A trip to a mysterious era, where nothing makes sense, and everything Sunset knows is called into question. The Nineteen-Eighties.  · Oroboro
    9,086 words · 1,249 views  ·  217  ·  13
  • T SunLight Sliders

    Due to a minor calibration error, Sunset and Twilight find themselves lost in the vast possibilities of the multiverse. Now, they search for a way homeā€¦ and find something neither expected in one another.  · Novel-Idea
    41,322 words · 1,680 views  ·  238  ·  15
  • E Nothing In The Way Of Love

    Twilight and Luna go on a special date together.  · Foals Errand
    1,537 words · 760 views  ·  94  ·  5
  • E The Sparkle Census

    Upon gaining access to the multiverse, some people go on fantastic adventures, rewriting history or exploring the vast unknowns of time and space. Twilight Sparkle had another idea.  · Skyward Shoe
    24,383 words · 1,645 views  ·  217  ·  6
  • E The Last Day of Christmas

    Sunset, having just finished the last day of school, is prepared to spend another Christmas alone. However, as she exits Canterlot High, she's greeted by a familiar face. One who comes bearing the most important gift Sunset might ever receive.  · Deathscar
    2,337 words · 3,275 views  ·  394  ·  5
  • T Among Memories

    2 weeks after Camp Everfree ended, Sunset and her friends are excited to start the Fall semester with their newfound powers. However, Sunset soon realizes that the abilities they've been given could send their friendships, and their lives, into ruin.  · Deathscar
    35,019 words · 1,967 views  ·  166  ·  5
  • T The Mare Who Once Lived on the Moon

    In a steampunk reimagining of the universe, Twilight Sparkle finds perhaps the one pony as lonely as she is. It's rather unfortunate that they're on the moon.  · MrNumbers
    150,923 words · 12,297 views  ·  1,966  ·  36
  • T Never Open the Door

    "There are few things which I forbid, Twilight, but this is one of them: never open the door."  · FallBlau
    2,824 words · 885 views  ·  64  ·  2
  • E Business in the Front, Party in the Back

    Applejack gets a new haircut. Rarity does not approve.  · Tumbleweed
    2,254 words · 1,144 views  ·  125  ·  3
  • T Anamnesis

    Sunset and Twilight learn of their intertwined past.  · The Albinocorn
    11,523 words · 2,845 views  ·  310  ·  25
  • E The Coronation

    After ascending to princesshood, there was still the matter of Sunset's official coronation. Of course, she was going to invite her friends along for the event. It went about as well as you'd expect.  · Between Lines
    1,643 words · 4,290 views  ·  614  ·  10
  • E The Last Page

    Sunset has reached the final page in her journal to Twilight. With no idea what to write on it, she has to think about living life without the guidance that she's relied on for so long, and possibly without one of her best friends.  · Holy
    4,433 words · 3,399 views  ·  324  ·  11
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#14 · 28w, 3d ago · · ·

Hey, thanks for featuring my stuff on your podcast! Glad you liked the stories (even if the subplot from the road trip story is picked up a little bit later in other fics. CONTINUITY!)

#13 · 34w, 3d ago · · ·

Thanks for mentioning my story in your podcast! I really appreciate it. It was great listening to you guys talk about what you liked and what you thought worked well in it; that sort of feedback is invaluable, and it is great to know that it did work for you folks. :twilightsmile:

#12 · 38w, 3d ago · 1 · ·

>>2261768 It's a good story, and it deserves recognition!

Also, I just put the title in Google Translate and hoped their pronunciation was right. :twilightsheepish:

#11 · 38w, 3d ago · · ·

Hey, thanks for plugging Bonnie on Pony 411! Attracting readers has been slow going for me, so that was super kind of you.

Alas, I think your Latin pronunciation is better than mine. :applejackunsure:

#10 · 83w, 3d ago · · ·

Thanks for featuring One Heck of a Case on Pony 411, I really appreciate it! :twilightsmile:

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