So, I was reading a like 5 month old blog by Ghost of Heraclitus, and Oliver mentioned a little story called The Magic World in an incidental comment. You can dig it up if you really wish, but I recommend not because it is slightly spoiler-ey for this...

(Small warning : The story is M-rated, but the M-rated content is like 1-2% of the entire story at most; it's clearly not meant to be clop, but rather is part of plot/character development. Everything else is Teen rated at the worst.)

And this story deserves to be read as blindly as possible. Yes, it's long - but I tore through it in under 8 hours. It is funny. It is heartwarming. And it is so many, many other things, that all start off with ponies ending up on Earth for reasons unknown, and one girl accidentally bumping into them turns into a massive, amazing adventure full of witchcraft and everything that makes FiM so wonderful to all of us.

It also really, really hit me personally because - well, those who know me well will understand fairly early on what a major character and I share in common. And then there's something later on how you do a certain thing right. If you get to the end and still don't understand what I mean, my comments on the final chapter will explain it.

Seriously. Read this. And then signal boost it if you like it - this story deserves to be far more widely read and loved.

And if you do read it, and love it, please fill the story with comments (And let me know when you do, because I want to read those, too!)

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