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  • E Knight in Smoking Armor

    King Sombra has returned and plans on using Shining Armor to regain his rightful place as Master of the Crystal Empire.  · Mocha Jon
    1,413 words · 141 views  ·  9  ·  2
  • E Forest's Revenge

    After an unlucky but optimistic pony wanders into the Everfree Forest and becomes corrupted, he takes his revenge on Equestria and tries to expand the forest.  · Mocha Jon
    1,485 words · 77 views
  • E "Sparky's" Week Off

    Big Mac decided to take a week off the farm due to stress. He and Discord decided it would be fun to make him act pretty "clingy" to somepony. However the head barista at the coffee shop probably isn't in the mood for a new pet...  · Mocha Jon
    1,474 words · 184 views
  • E Double Shot of Magic

    Mocha Jon and Starlight Glimmer decide to start a pop duo together. After bonding over similar music tastes, not including former idol 'Lindsay Ponan' they start working together to start their band and help Ponan make a comeback.  · Mocha Jon
    3,600 words · 50 views
  • T King Sombra's Slaves

    With King Sombra back in power and ruling over Equestria with an iron hoof, he has taken over the minds of so many ponies and now he has his eyes on a new slave.  · Mocha Jon
    12,980 words · 320 views  ·  10  ·  17 · gore
  • E Enter the Woods... Never Leave...

    After a group of stallions decide to go camping in the Everfree Forest, they find a former lumberjack ghost who refuses to let them ever leave.  · Mocha Jon
    9,434 words · 292 views  ·  7  ·  5
  • E Prince Marshall

    A new alicorn prince is revealed to be evil and has plans to over throw the princesses and become Equestria's one true king... Can our heroes stop him?  · Mocha Jon
    25,485 words · 385 views  ·  17  ·  32
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