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Matrix shit, or was it Inception? Fuck. Whenever I make a new blog post, I have to do this all over again.

Watching (I made it show names so it looks like I have a lot of followers)

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Oh no, not again. I'm sorry for being rude, you just don't know how many times a day I get that. So many people adoring me and my stories. It just wears me out after a while, you know?

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I have spent whole last month reading your stories. Bloody amazing stuff, shizzle not even letting featurebox rest.

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Oh, and I like you stories! :yay:

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Well you see, I was scrolling though some comments on a blog and saw someone with the username 'Amit'. I thought, "Hey, that name is fun to say!" I then spoke it aloud repeatedly until I exhaled all the oxygen in my lungs and needed to breathe to prevent myself from going unconscious. After that, I said, "I should follow this man so I can see his name every time I log onto FIMFiction.com!" I then clicked the follow button, and that's how it happened. I hope I get to say your name many times in the future.

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oh so you respond to people who ask you from where you derive your follows

So, uh

where'd that follow of me come from? :rainbowhuh:

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