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Sup brah? The name's MegaSean45, founder of Shroom Films! I'm the writer of the Friendship is Epic series, its two short spin-offs, and the Alternate Season Six story! I'm also a YouTuber! :D


I've been making season 7 episode lists, but this one is a little different from my other ones. Also in case you haven't seen the title, IT'S NOT REEEEEEEAL, MAN! And half of this ain't happening this season, but one can hope for some similar scenarios, right? ;) Anyways, let's get started! Once you're done reading this, I'd like to see your ideas, and some feedback for this one!

Now the theme this season is History of Equestria, and I think it's gonna be real since the comics seem to hint it! Some comics are gonna tie into season 7, and alot of them are about history!

* S7E1 - Caving In - Part 1: After Twilight Sparkle locates some lost Equestria history books, she and her friends journey out Everfree Forest to locate the Cave of Star Swirl the Bearded. Meanwhile, Starlight Glimmer starts to have nightmares of Queen Chrysalis returning for revenge.

The entire Mane Six are useful in this episode! I mean they haven't been that useful lately, but all of the Mane Six are needed to complete each trial that has something to do with their Element of Harmony! Spike and Starlight also go along, and Celestia and Luna do appear in the beginning, and Zecora helps the main cast out in locating the cave! If you read my Alternate Season 6 book, these trials are alot like the ones in chapter 2! Trixie also appears in this episode in Starlight's nightmare!

* S7E2 - Caving In - Part 2: While journeying through the cave, the Mane Six have to embark on trials that represent their elements to locate the secret within the cave. Meanwhile, Starlight Glimmer must try to get over her fears of Queen Chrysalis returning.

Now at the secret of the cave is actually Scorpan! He explains that he returned to Equestria to make peace with his brother, Lord Tirek! He asks for the Mane Six's help to teach him how he could reform his brother, because with his magic, he's been keeping watch over the Mane Six since Nightmare Moon! He knows that they were able to reform her, as well as Trixie, Discord, Gilda, and Starlight, and he wishes to know how he could do it! Also since Twilight is busy with her princess duties and being a teacher to Starlight, Spike offers to keep Scorpan hospitable at the castle, which starts a brotherly-like bond between them, as a nod to G1 MLP!

* S7E3 - The Name of the Blossom: Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie travel with Zecora to the zebra kingdom of Zebria to locate a missing ingredient Fluttershy needs to cure her sick animal friends; however, it might become a little harder than they thought when they find out why Zecora left her homeland in the first place.

The reason Zecora left her home in the first place was because she made a poison rather than a potion, and when the other zebras blamed her, she decided to leave. Little did she know that it was sabotage because Zecora's teacher had two students, Zecora and another zebra, and since Zecora impressed her teacher more than the other student, he got jealous. Fluttershy and Rarity have to figure out how to redeem Zecora so she would be welcomed in her homeland again! Don't worry, she'll still return home at Everfree Forest when the episode's done! ;) Zecora sings her own little poem in here!

* S7E4 - The Seed of Truth: When the Cutie Mark Crusaders travel to Manehattan to visit fellow crusader Babs Seed, they find out that she hasn't been hanging with her old Manehattan crusader friends anymore after she got her cutie mark.

Now a Babs episode is loooooooooong overdo, and we never met the Manehattan CMCs yet! So this episode is about what Babs has been doing - well she's been cutting hair, obviously, but she's not a part of the crusaders anymore, and hasn't been hanging with her friends. The Ponyville crusaders have to figure out how to fix their relationship, and how Babs can still be a crusader even after she gets her destiny! Babs' sister Sunflower also appears in here with an anxiety teen-like personality, and I thought she would be great voiced by Kelly Sherdian! Rarity also appears in here as the one to take the crusaders to Manehattan, but she doesn't appear that much, and is only there to check up on her store.

* S7E5 - Rainbow Rescued: After Fluttershy saves Rainbow Dash's life from a cragadile, Rainbow fears that her ego is in jeopardy, so Rainbow lies and tells everypony that she saved Fluttershy.

Now I'm surprised this kind of episode hasn't happened yet! It's like the complete opposite of Spike at Your Service! It would be awesome to see Fluttershy save Rainbow's life for once, but since she has a heroic reputation in Ponyville, she fears she'll lose it!

* S7E6 - Most Excellent Princess: When Princess Celestia gets too overworked with her princess duties, Princess Luna, Princess Cadance, and Discord try to persuade her to take a vacation.

It's that Celestia episode everyone's been wanting! It shows her relationship with Luna, Cadance, and Discord, and it even teaches her a friendship lesson! The only Mane Six that appears is Twilight in the end after Celestia sends her a friendship letter! Philomena also appears for the first time in a long time! We also get a duet song between Celestia and Luna, with a little bit of Cadance and Discord singing in the middle!

* S7E7 - Scorpan Sign: For Scorpan's birthday, he requests Starlight Glimmer to teach him what it was like to be a villain and reformed.

Originally this episode was about Starlight having a rough time finding a present  for Scorpan, but since that had the same moral as Gift of the Maud Pie back in season 6, I decided to change it. Starlight gets more into detail on what it was like to be a villain, and how her life might've been if she continued. Scorpan also shares some of his backstory on how he felt when he came to Equestria and fell in love with the ponies, and also how he felt when he left Tirek behind. The crusaders join along to hear the story as well, giving both Starlight and Scorpan a chance to interact with them for the first time! The Mane Six and Spike are mostly absent in this episode to prepare the castle for Scorpan's first birthday party since he never had one before! Starlight has her own musical number in here! Twilight also uses the history books that she received from the first episode to find out what made Scorpan happy back at a thousand years ago.

* S7E8 - Cakewalk: During Pound and Pumpkin Cake's third birthday, Pinkie Pie becomes afraid that they might be growing up too fast and will forget about her. Princess Luna tries to persuade her otherwise in her dreams.

It's about time the Cake babies grow up a bit! However, during the party, Mr. and Mrs. Cake mention how their kids are growing up so fast and will soon leave them and forget all about them. They were teasing of course, but Pinkie didn't know, and she got afraid, and wants them to stay babies forever. Luna shows Pinkie in her dreams that ponies do grow up and will eventually have to leave the nest, but that doesn't mean they'll forget about who raised them. Luna also shows Pinkie that she's not the only one who feels that way; Applejack fears the same for Apple Bloom, and Twilight fears the same for Spike, and little did Pinkie know that her family actually didn't want Pinkie to leave, but they didn't want to stop her from achieving her dream of making other ponies smile. Maud also appears in this episode, not just in dreamland, but she visits Pinkie during the Cake twins' birthday party! Pinkie has a couple of songs in here!

* S7E9 - Teacher's Assistant: Princess Twilight tasks Spike to teach Starlight Glimmer a friendship lesson while she's out of town, but he has a hard time trying to find one for her.

I've been wanting a Spike/Starlight episode and this would be a great chance to get deeper into their relationship! Of course Spike has a hard time figuring out a good friendship lesson, so he tries different things, but most of them bore Starlight, and he tries really hard to make sure he can be inspirational but also fun! In the middle of the episode, however, both Trixie and Sunburst visit the castle to see Starlight, but they never met each other. Turns out Spike wrote a message for them the night before to visit, but signed by Starlight, and he hopes that he can make the best friendship lesson with their help. Unfortunately, things get out of control when Sunburst and Trixie start arguing on who's Starlight's BEST friend, which was too much for Starlight to handle, and makes Spike feel like a failure. They make up in the end though, and he explains the whole thing to her, but knows he will never be a good enough teacher like Twilight; but Starlight proves him wrong, saying that his friendship lessons were much more fun than Twilight's since he did most of the work, and that he summoned both of her best friends to visit her, and that them fighting wasn't his fault. Sunburst and Trixie of course both apologize to Starlight and eachother, and Trixie starts to get antsy, saying that even "Twilight's dragon friend has invited Trixie to hang out" and could not wait to rub it in Twilight's face when she got home! Owlowscious also appears in the episode after Spike requests him to help him out! Spike also has a wall of friends in his room showing pictures of him with each Mane Six; Shining, Cadance, Flurry Heart; Derpy; Ember; Thorax; Little Strongheart; Celestia and Luna; Discord and Big Mac from guys' night; and even one with Starlight which Spike uses to prove to Starlight how much she means to him!

* S7E10 - Little Farm of Horrors: Applejack and Twilight attempt to fight off an infestation at Sweet Apple Acres before Shining Armor and Princess Cadance visit.

The Apple family finds out that Shining and Cadance are going to have a dinner date at Sweet Apple Acres, and led by Applejack, she tries to make the best for the royal couple when they visit! Unfortunately, Applejack finds out that the farm has been infested with a strange vine creature, and she requests Twilight to help her out. Unfortunately, Shining and Cadance arrive already for the date, and Applejack requests her family and others to keep them busy. The crusaders decide to perform the entertainment for the couple while Granny Smith cooks up the food for them, but when the royal couple started to get bored and wanted to go for a walk, Applejack and Twilight decide to have a fake argument on who's brother is better, which leads to Big Mac and Shining Armor going against each other to prove who's the better big brother! The vine creature has a musical number in here while it fights against AJ and Twilight. Twilight also uses the history books that she discovered in the first episode to find out the creature's weakness.

* S7E11 - The Cutie Map summons Rainbow Dash and Applejack to Fillydelphia in an attempt to teach their Equestria Games team the meaning of being a team!

Now this just came to me because I dunno what to do with this Cutie Map episode. Fillydelphia has never been used yet so I was like, why not? Also it's been a while since the Equestria Games, so perhaps it's time to get ready for another one! Rainbow Dash must try to get over her grudge on Fillydelphia after "stealing" the Equestria Games spot from Cloudsdale, and with the help of Applejack, they must try to get the new Equestria Games team for Fillydelphia to actually work as a team on the field instead of just playing the games just to win the medals for themselves.

* S7E12 - The Manehattan Project: A rival store runned by Suri Polomare opens across the street from Rarity's Manehattan expansion, so Rarity pushes her employees over the limit to make sure she doesn't lose business to her.

This is Suri's return episode, trying to get back at Rarity by trying to put her out of business! As Rarity was visiting her Canterlot expansion to see how Sassy Saddles is handling things, Coco Pommel arrives to tell Rarity the news about Suri's shop, so that's when the three of them head to Manehattan to check it out! Plaid Stripes also returns in this episode, but she pushes things too far during the competition when she vandalizes Suri's shop, and Rarity knew that was too much, but Suri used it to her advantage! Plaid did apologize and wanted to take the blame for it all, but it all ended well when Rarity paid Suri off. After all that though, Suri starts to feel bad when Plaid took the blame for Rarity, which reformed Suri and made her want to apologize to both Rarity and Coco for how she treated them, and Rarity and Suri agreed that they will have friendly competition! Rarity has a musical number in here!

* S7E13 - My Friend the Draconequus: When Discord finds out that he's not the only Draconequus in Equestria, he must choose between having a new chaotic friend, or use Fluttershy's teachings to have him use his magic for good.

Remember when William Shatner was confirmed to be the guest star this season? Well I'm really hoping for it to be a Discord episode! Discord meeting another one of his kind! That would be awesome to see! Now this new Draconequus (yes, I'm copy and pasting the word "Draconequus", it's hard to spell!), he's like how Discord was back in Return of Harmony, and Discord really seems to like him and his ways! But Fluttershy tries to persuade him not to join him, and to use what she taught him, so Equestria might gain a new powerful friend!

* S7E14 - One Flew Over the Scootaloo Nest: When Scootaloo becomes depressed when fearing that she'll never be able to fly, Rainbow Dash signs her up for Junior Speedsters Flight Camp and she meets another flightless pegasus. Scootaloo and the flightless pegasus have a duet song in here!

It's about time we had another Scootaloo episode, right? And we start to get more into detail on Scootaloo's lack of flight. Rainbow decides to sign her up to Junior Speedsters in hopes to finally be able to fly! She meets another flightless pegasus which helps her feel so much better knowing that she's not the only one! Unfortunately, that spawned alot of bullies for the both of them, and they both wanted to keep their lack of flight a secret from the rest of the campers. When Scootaloo's new friend however begins to free fall, Scootaloo decides to go after him, regardless of knowing that he can't fly! However, when she broke the sound barrier and created her own sonic boom, her pegasus magic awaken and she began to fly once she saves her friend! She wasn't flying with her wings though, but with her pegasus magic, which she had just enough to return to camp! Rainbow Dash was so proud of her, and Scootaloo learned that even though her wings don't work very well, that doesn't mean she can't fly! Also as a bonus, Scootaloo's parents were there and witnessed the whole thing! The only reason they're not around so much is because of their very demanding jobs, because her dad is a nurse at Ponyville hospital, and her mom is a Royal guard! Yes, I made those their occupations!

* S7E15 - King Thorax: When Thorax becomes stressed of having trouble running the Changeling Kingdom, Twilight, Spike, Starlight, and Sunburst head over there to assist him with his problem.

Starting at the Crystal Empire as Twilight and Spike visit Shining Armor, Cadance, and Flurry Heart; and with Starlight visiting Sunburst, a changeling courier arrives to tell Twilight, Spike, Starlight, and Sunburst that they're being summoned to the Changeling Kingdom. When they arrive, Thorax becomes stressed out because he has no idea how to run a kingdom, and that Princess Celestia would be arriving at the kingdom for their first summit. Thorax becomes afraid that if he doesn't have a good impression, they'd think he wouldn't be a good leader, and not want to become allies. While Spike and Sunburst try to help Thorax calm down, Twilight teaches him a thing or two about how to run a kingdom, while Starlight tries to get the kingdom prepared for a summit. It's mostly a Starlight-focused episode, because it focuses on how much difficultly she's doing on getting the kingdom ready, when the changelings still have a hard time being socialable and hospitable, and that's why Starlight has to teach them how.

* S7E16 - Crush Depth: When Sweetie Belle starts to have trouble finding a special somepony for Hearts and Hooves Day, Rarity hooks her up with Spike so he would stop asking her out.

Now this is mostly a Sweetie Belle episode, but she shares it with both Rarity and Spike! Apple Bloom and Scootaloo both find themselves special someponies for Hearts and Hooves Day, but Sweetie Belle isn't able to find one for herself. As Spike keeps helping Rarity out, he tries to ask her if she wants to be his special somepony, but being afraid to say no, she decides to keep them both happy, and lie that she's too busy, but that it would make her happy if he went out with Sweetie Belle for the day! They both decide to agree! Unfortunately, this action starts to get back at Rarity, as Spike seems to no longer want to help Rarity out, becomes he and Sweetie Belle became closer friends. Knowing that she lost her assistant, she decides to try to break them up, and when it becomes successful, both Sweetie and Spike become to depressed, and it makes Rarity feel bad. When she finds out, Spike lets out the truth saying he always knew she wasn't interested in him, but that he didn't care because he keeps hoping for the day that she would give him just once chance to prove himself worthy of being her knight in shining armor. This makes Rarity regret her decision, knowing that she lost both a sister and a friend, and she decides to make things right and apologize to them both. They both forgive her, and even though Spike will always be there for Rarity, he claims that he's still young and doesn't know how love really works, and will make his decision on what he wants to do when he's older!

* S7E17 - I, Cyclops: The Cutie Map sends Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy to the Arimaspi Territory, where they help a mother and son try to rekindle their bond when the son doesn't want to follow in his mother's footsteps.

If you look in the official Equestria map, there are mountains with a giant skull on top. That's where the cyclops live. The cyclopes made their debut in the show during the Lost Treasure of Griffonstone during a flashback while they tried to retrieve the Idol of Boreas back after it was stolen from them. Now we get to meet the cyclopes, and with Fluttershy kindness and Pinkie's fun, they try to rekindle and mama and son cyclops rekindle their relationship. The mom is actually the president of the cyclopes!

* S7E18 - Freedom of the Phoenix: As Fluttershy and Spike try to care for a lost baby phoenix, it reminds them of the day when Fluttershy persuaded Spike to let his old phoenix friend Peewee go.

Now I've been wanting a Spike/Fluttershy episode for a long time because of their bond they had in the beginning of the series! Also we didn't have a conclusion on Peewee since he just came in Dragon Quest and then left without doing anything, so this is a flashback episode of the day Spike returned Peewee to his parents! This brings back the Golden Oak Library and unicorn Twilight! Twilight thought of what Peewee's parents would think with their baby lost in Equestria, and tries to persuade Spike to return him, but of course Spike would have a really hard time doing it, and it is up to Fluttershy to persuade him. At the end of the episode in present time, Peewee returns in adult form to retrieve the baby phoenix who is his son. Spike was really happy to see him, and knew that he made the right choice to let him go, but hopes for him to visit again soon!

* S7E19 - Be Our Guest: When Scorpan starts to take advantage over Twilight's hospitality in her castle, she starts to have second guesses of him staying.

Spike and Starlight are absent in this episode, which gives Scorpan a chance to interact with Twilight alone. Scorpan begins to get lazy in Twilight's castle, not cleaning up after himself, making Twilight do stuff for him, it starts to get on her nerves. She asks her friends what she could do, but regardless of Twilight telling him to stop, he wouldn't listen saying that it wasn't part of the deal of him staying. Her friends tell her that she has to kick Scorpan out of the castle then, which makes Twilight feel nervous because she wouldn't want Scorpan to think bad of her, and thinks it's against her princess of friendship title to abandon her friends like that. Twilight uses the history books to find out how she could get Scorpan to stop, but when none of it works, she eventually snaps and orders him to leave. Scorpan begs for her not to kick him out because has nowhere to go, but when he finds out why he's being kicked out and how serious Twilight is, he decides to be a better roommate, and when Scorpan proves himself, Twilight lets him stay!

* S7E20 - Windy with a Chance of Lightning: The Wonderbolts summon Rainbow Dash and her old cadet team to assist them in finding the ponies responsible for sabotaging their shows.

Now you can guess who these two ponies are! Lightning Dust and Wind Rider team up against the Wonderbolts as revenge for kicking them out of the Wonderbolts, and after all the Wonderbolts become too injured to do anything, Rainbow Dash was the only one unaffected to what has happened, and she teams up with her old cadet team from Wonderbolts Academy to look for them!

* S7E21 - Crouching Ponies, Hidden Dragon: During Ponyville's annual Family Appreciation Day, Dragon Lord Ember summons Spike to the Dragon Lands to help her dragons gain an alliance with the water dragons; although, Spike suddenly realizes that the meeting has become more personal.

All of the Mane Six, Starlight, and the crusaders have their families coming down to see them, and they all have a party over at the castle! Unfortunately, Spike is unable to really celebrate that day because he has never met his family, which makes him sad. Scorpan tries to cheer him up since he doesn't have family either, but Spike tells him that he never even met his real parents, and really wants to find them. Luckily for him, Dragon Lord Ember summons him to the Dragon Lands, and when the Mane Six, Starlight, and the crusaders find out, they along with Scorpan travel with Spike to the Dragon Lands. Ember wants Spike's help because she has a hard time making an alliance with the water dragons, which Spike realizes it's no problem, since he helped Equestria become allies with both the dragons and the changelings! However, when the water dragon's leader mentions of losing an egg a long time ago, Spike realizes that he found his family, which shocks his friends! Of course it starts off with Spike and his family not being on good terms because Spike felt that they abandoned him, and didn't wish to continue the negotiations, and the water dragon leader decides to declare war on the flying dragons. Ember begs for Spike's help because she knew Spike makes a great ambassador and would know what to say to for the dragon races to have peace, and so it happened! As a bonus though, even though Spike found his family, he still doesn't know how he ended up in Celestia's possession! That's when Scorpan tells him that he found a dragon egg on his way out of Equestria, and decided to give it to Celestia in hopes of it being a key to having ponies be at peace with other races. And as another bonus, this is the season's musical episode! :D Yes, this is Spike's own Magical Mystery Cure and Crusaders of the Lost Mark!

* S7E22 - The Green Apple: After Applejack gets sick, she refuses to stop doing her chores, which starts to worry her family.

This is just an average slice of life episode, and for a chance for the Apple family to have an episode together! We know Applejack is a hard worker, and she wouldn't want to stop for any reason! She wants to keep apple production going, regardless of Granny, Big Mac, and Apple Bloom trying to persuade her to stop. Filthy Rich appears in this episode along side Spoiled Rich and Diamond Tiara while waiting for his supply of apples for his shop, and he starts to get antsy. Apple Bloom and Diamond Tiara get a chance to interact in here on a positive note when Apple Bloom mentions how Applejack isn't giving up on her work despite her condition. When Applejack's condition becomes too much for her to handle, and it starts affecting the apples and the customers, that was when she decides to stop.

* S7E23 - Cutie Mark Industies: After the Cutie Mark Crusaders haven't been able to give cutie mark help in a long time, Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon decide to help advertise them nation-wide, but after it becomes too effective, the crusaders become tired out.

Ponyville's a small place so it's hard to find ponies with cutie mark problems, and since Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon are reformed, they want to make it up to the crusaders after all the pain they put them through, so they decide to help advertise them. Now it becomes a little too successful, because ponies all over Equestria are now coming to Ponyville to ask the crusaders for cutie mark advise, which becomes too much for them! They summon Babs Seed and the Manehattan crusaders, Gabby, and Snips and Snails to help them out, but it's still too much for them. Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon themselves really want to push the crusaders into the right direction by helping all those ponies, like what their destiny says. The crusaders decide to give up after they had enough, and ponies start to get mad, but when the crusaders advise them that they don't need the crusaders to help find their destinies and that their friends could help them, everypony starts to feel better, and the crusaders are happy! Unfortunately in the end, they're back to nopony wanting cutie map help. The crusaders of course have a musical number in here!

* S7E24 - I Got Your Yak: Twilight and Rarity get sent by the Cutie Map to Yakyakastan to help Prince Rutherford rekindle the trust of his subjects after a huge incident.

Now I made this a yak episode because of the finale mainly, to remind the viewers about the yaks! Also Twilight and Rarity never had an episode together when it's just them yet! They head over to Yakyakastan to help Prince Rutherford out with his temper, because his subjects begin to not trust him, since his temper is making him lose focus on running the kingdom. In truth, it's because he's stressed after his wife leaves him, and Twilight and Rarity must find out why it's like that, and they try to bring them back together!

* S7E25 - Brothers Unite - Part 1: Queen Chrysalis breaks Lord Tirek out of prison, and the two build up a huge army of the Tartarus prisoners to take on Equestria. It is up to Scorpan to make peace with his brother, while the Mane Six call upon Equestria's allies.

This is the big finale! This is the episode where Chrysalis tries to take revenge on Equestria for making her lose her subjects! And teaming up with Tirek no less! During an Equestrian summit,  Scorpan felt Tirek breaking out of prison, and knew that the time was now to make peace with him, but he couldn't do it alone; he asks Spike to go with him for good luck, and Spike agrees to go with him, and couldn't let a "brother from another mother" go at it alone! Spike leaves a message behind to let the others know of the news, and that's when the Mane Six and the princesses knew they had to act fast, because Tartarus is filled with dangerous creatures that Equestria can't handle alone. The princesses order the Remane Five to summon the griffons, yaks, dragons, changelings, and cyclopes, their allies, to help defend Equestria, while Twilight helps the princesses plan a course of action. Celestia mentions that this battle wasn't the only intense battle, and that when they had to a fight a war a thousand years ago against a huge army of invaders, they had a strategy, and Twilight needed to make use of those history books to find out what it was. Starlight was helpful too, because Twilight tells her to go after Spike and Scorpan to warn them of how dangerous it is. Scorpan and Spike do in fact fall in Tirek's trap, and he claims that he knew Scorpan would try in a foolish attempt to reform him. Tirek warns him of the incoming battle, and wants him to be a part of it, but as insurance, he takes Spike with him. Starlight arrives to rescue Scorpan, but Scorpan wouldn't leave without Spike, but Starlight tells him that he has no choice and that they will rescue him later. Just before the big battle of Equestria starts, Tirek decides to give Spike his entire collection of treasures Why though you may ask? The Battle of Equestria starts with Tirek and Chrysalis leading it, and there's the cliffhanger!

* S7E26 - Brothers Unite - Part 2: The Battle of Equestria rages on with ponies, changelings, griffons, dragons, cyclopes, and yaks against Chrysalis, Lord Tirek, and their minions from Tartarus. Scorpan tries to make peace with his brother before the Mane Six can use their Rainbow power on him.

Part 2 starts during the Battle of Equestria! The Mane Six had a plan to use their Rainbow power against Tirek while Starlight tries to stop Chrysalis. The Mane Six were too gained up on to do anything yet. Scorpan tries to persuade his brother to stop the war, and that there is a better way. The Mane Six were almost ready to use their Rainbow power, but Scorpan stops them, and begs to give him a chance to reform his brother. The Mane Six decide to give him a little time, but it makes Tirek too happy, because Scorpan stopping the Mane Six was his plan all along so they wouldn't use their magic to stop him. Tirek then claims to have a secret weapon to stop Scorpan. That secret weapon - is a full grown Spike, filled with greed from Tirek's treasure, and now under Tirek's control. After alot of fighting, eventually, Spike does withstand Tirek's control when he sees Twilight in trouble, and when Scorpan gives them the word to stop Tirek, they quickly use their Rainbow power on him, Starlight defeats Chrysalis, and Discord and his new friend use their OP magic to stop the remaining forces with the help of Equestria's allies. Tirek was now back in a cage awaiting transfer back to Tartarus, as well as the rest of the evil forces. Scorpan then requests Celestia to take Tirek back home so he can at least be imprisoned in the comfort of his own home, and hopes one day to try to make peace with him again. Celestia grants him that request, and hopes for one day that Equestria would gain yet another ally with Scorpan's kingdom! Celestia then asks if Spike can lead the negotiations. He wonders why, but Celestia offers him a chance to become Equestria's new ambassador, after all the allies that joined up with Equestria because of him!

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For those of you that are still around, I pretty much retired Fimfiction, but not retired from writing! Like I said in a past blog post, Friendship is Epic is now being remade in it's own universe! FiE was just practice! Now that I know the mistakes I made, it's time to get serious... in a weird way! :3 Keep an eye out for a book called Harmony Brahs in the future! Not here, mind you, a real book.

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Hey! I was the one who left you a message on wikia (if you remember).

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Any opinions on some of the new spin-offs? I didn't get any feedback about The Friendship Mafia or the FDA yet. Oh what? The stories are good now and the users are afraid to give a compliment to this fanfic writer and Machinima maker, and all around swell person in general? :3 *ding*

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Word of advice my friend, just honestly start over from scratch. I understand it's hard to take criticism, especially one of this caliber. But if you want to find good examples of storytelling try reading my stories or others. The key really to making a good character is giving them flaws. I know, shocking. Try thinking of your character not as a self insert but as a human being that happens to look like a pony. I don't mean HiE or anything like that, I mean give your charcter flaws and emotions to react to some situations. Also, don't use memes as your main sorce of humor. They're only funny for the first month or so and then they just get old. I know you've probably gotten complaints like this across the board but honestly, we're here to help. Just take a step back, look at your story as a whole, and see what you can do to improve it overall

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