Chapter 13 · 7:44am

As you may or may not know, I was on a long Hiatus after I took down Chapter 13 and the Epilogue of Lost Time, but I am proud to say that I am back. I have gone through Chapter 13 and cut or rewrote some parts, but then completely revised the last part of it. The ending is still in production, but it is actually going to be Chapter 14, and then the Epilogue which should finally conclude the story.

So now on to the important part. I am inviting a few people to come and pre-read Chapter 13 for me. Preferrably those who disliked the ending yet still kept me on their tracking list, but also a few who liked the ending as well.

The new ending isn't meant to specifically please anyone besides myself. I saw the error in the path my story took and I rewrote it in a way that I saw more fitting. I also completely omitted the Discord flashback (but not deleted; I intend to use it for a later side story.)

If you are interested in pre-reading it, please post in this blog and tell me if you disliked or liked the previous ending. I want to get this chapter out to you guys as soon as possible but not before I'm confident I didn't miss anything. It makes sense to me, but I want to make sure it makes sense to you.

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RIP unfinished stories.

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Hope you come back :D

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Hi! I just wanted to say that your fanfic lost time is what brought me to this site. Back then I didn't have an account or anything. Thank you for writing not only an amazing fanfic, but one that brought me to a site with thousands of other amazing fanfics :rarity wink:.

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So when the flip is Lost Time coming back, man? You should be done by now...

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your story rocks! when are you coming back from hiatus?

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