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Alright, ladies and gents, the time has come for me to finally write another story. Thing is, I can't decide what to write first. So, I'd like to ask all of you; Which pony is having a pokemon adventure next, Rainbow Dash or Pinkie Pie? I have already planned which pokemon each pony is going to meet, but you're free to guess. Anyway, leave your vote as a comment, voting will end in on the 7th, so be sure to vote before then.

Have a happy 4th everyone!

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  • The Darkest Fire Fluttershy is attacked in the Everfree forest by a Timberwolf, but who comes to her rescue is someone she will never forget by Magnum the Critic 23,612 words · 3,383 views · 204 likes · 5 dislikes

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Thank you for giving each story in my "Erotica Girls" series thus far a fave! :raritywink::twilightsmile::yay::rainbowdetermined2:

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>>1003138 you're welcome. Someone told me that you wright incredible action sequences, and I figured I might be able to take some notes for my own stories.

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Thanks kindly for the fave.

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>>985401 Two reasons:

1: RainbowBob told me to. :eeyup:

2: Your blogs are very insightful, and if I want to improve my skills as a writer, I need to learn as much as I can from as many different sources and viewpoints I can find.

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Thanks for the watch! Might I ask what I've done to earn your attention?

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