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I like to read pony fiction and am interested to write some of my own, but more importantly, I'm a Christian, believing in the Savior and Lord Jesus Christ.

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  • E Plaid Stripes and the Spoon Festival

    Plaid Stripes, a teenage pony who suggested the idea of clothes with spoons, is taking a trip to the Spoon Festival.  · MagLocal
    4,373 words · 26 views
  • E Daring Do and the Conversation with Quibble Pants

    A.K. Yearling, famed author of the Daring Do book series, is faced with dealing with Quibble Pants, a fan who wants to ask her the question that has been in his mind for a long time: Why did she sell out with her books?  · MagLocal
    3,365 words · 185 views  ·  14  ·  2
  • E Society As We Know It

    While the Changeling Kingdom is being rebuilt under the rule of King Thorax, many changelings are finding it hard to fit in to their new lives. So, some of them take off to travel Equestria on their free days.  · MagLocal
    166,264 words · 656 views  ·  28  ·  3
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Thanks for the fave! Tell me what ya think when its done! :twilightsmile:

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I thank you for the comment along with the welcome, and I welcome you for the favorite. :)

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Thank you for favouriting 'My Family and Other Equestrians'. :twilightsmile:

And welcome to FiMfiction. :pinkiehappy:

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