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I'm an amateur fanfiction writer with a love of many fandoms.Expect most of my works to be crossovers.


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Despite the fact that it's been awhile since the movie, I decided that the ending of Friendship Games was somewhat unsatisfactory, in regards to how Principal Cinch was dealt with. I've decided to take that scene and change it. This is the result.

Cinch is not going to walk away in this story, not after a higher authority shows up unexpectedly. Want to know more? Read the story.

Special thanks goes to Firesight, who edited and expanded this story into a very respectable state. We've collaborated frequently, on everything from Turnabout Storm to his own works, and I think we both agree that both our works are better for our cooperation.

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Your watch, good scrivener!


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How's chapters for infernals coming?

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When are you going to continue the "Ponypuff girls" story, it has great potential?

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Thanks for adding Blank to your favorites!

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And how could I NOT add those parts. :raritywink:

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