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As I'm sure has become painfully obvious, no writing is happening on my end. Sorry guys :\ It's not that I /don't/  want to write, I just don't /want/ to write, if that makes sense. Sorry :c

Um... quick bit of news, I am, however, learning javascript coding and I'm makin a little text adventure game, so that should be fun ^w^ I'll post something for it here when it's done... it's takin a while cuz it's rather lengthy- lots of choices and a good bit of customization ^w^

Anyways, reason for this blog, I need a bit of help.

See.... long story short, I need you to vote and tell me who you think is cuter. I keep insisting she is more attractive, she says me. (there's also the fact that she doesn't think super highly of herself, so to speak, and that really bugs me because, at least to me, she's so amazing and just perfect and f;lghdslghldkhgka)

Anyways, I want your honest votes as to who you think is better looking, me or my gf.

(she asked I not put her face on teh internet in too many places, so if you feel like voting, let me know and I'll send you the link to the original thing)

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Hey where are your story's there not there :derpytongue2:

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Yes, yes it is. :twilightsmile:

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>>595032 Sweet I'm glad I got it right. Anyway Thats still a nice Avatar. :twilightsmile:

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Yup, more or less ^^

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>>594238 Ah yes the other half in a literal sense who helps keep you from falling, the one who knows you best and is always out for your best interest as well as theres, the warrior and his code, if the warrior breaks his code little is left but a shell.

Did I get it right?:unsuresweetie:

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If you see an idea that you like and wanna write yourself, go crazy. Just let me know so I know to watch for it. Some of these ideas are my babies, but the others I couldn't care less about who writes em.

-planned (not necessarily in this order):

And Then There Was One (it's been a long time since the six mares saved Equestria from it's ancient curses. They defeated Discord and Nightmare Moon, dragons changelings, even the base desires that ruin friendships. But now they face one enemy none can defeat- time. Now only two of the fabled six remain, but not even two can escape their fat) [no grimdark, just sad, some memories.... more sad.... yeah, lots of sad]

Please? (Trixie fic, one that makes her look good instead of a revenge-crazed megalomaniac)

Hush Now, Quiet Now (Fluttershy grimdark)

Memories (an aged Pinkie Pie looking back on the memories of her friends. [or somepony else. Anypony form the mane six could be looking back really, just depends on how the story goes.])

-Power Surge (sort of a "Fullmetal Alchemist" if it took place in Equestria)

-Revenge (Trixie [secretly controlled by Discord] basically leads a zombie army)

-Outside Lookin In (see what everypony else knows about Pinkie's crimes before the descent into maddness begins anew)

-Pinkie Pie Time (see as the pink party pony perpetrates a peerless party perfect for ponies.)

- The Descent (Twilight's spiral into depression and her slow return)

-Pinkie's Web (Pinkie gets a new pet. Let's watch the fun [definitely a comedy])

- [no title] Derpy is the supreme ruler of the universe, everything happens and has happened, because she wants it to be so

- Trusting Souls (reports of recent murders cross the land as bloody axes are found buried in the victims. A new pony comes to Ponyville eliciting suspicionand hate from everypony. Everypony except Fluttershy. But should she be so willing to vouch for this stranger?)

- September (fanfic for the Livingtombstone's song September)

-want to do (though probably will not)

-Not Again (Charlie the Unicorn ends up in Ponyville. I think it sounds awesome)

- [no title] Twilight is a ninja

- A Night on the Town (Rarity babysits for the cakes)

- Gone (the CMC have vanished without a trace)

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Midnight Stalker sent in-

- Twilight is a necromancer, RD is a foal-fooler, FS is a serial killer, Rarity is a psycic, AJ is secretly a rich noble/ crossdresser, Pinkie Pie is just Pinkie Pie

-an alternate universe story where Twilight overthrows Celestia and Luna. Then she becomes an evil overlord and her "friends" are trying to overthrow her and restore Celestia and Luna to the crown.