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One of these days we'll form a union, and get the fair and equitable treatment we deserve. Then we'll go too far, and become corrupt and shiftless, and the Japonies will eat us alive.

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Greetings fellow enthused tiny horse enthusiasts! King of Beggars here with the slumberous news!

Been a while, admittedly. I had to take a break from writing for various stuff. Back now, though. Got a lot done, and first up is a stupid idea I wrote in response to Monochromatic's Raritwi contest. First contest I've entered, and to be honest I didn't really like the prompt, but I thought to myself "How stupid of an idea could I make with this vague prompt?" The clear answer was that there was in fact no bottom to the depths of my ignorance. It's ignorance all the way down.

Expect either Sundowner or Knight of Nights in a week or two. They're both about half finished. Not sure which will be done first. Either way, expect thing.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed it, that you have a good week, and that you'll join me next time!

Please be excited!

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#71 · 5d, 4h ago · · ·

So you uh....... got any more of that Sundowner? .......

#70 · 11w, 6h ago · 1 · ·

Now that the Diamond Dogs have their own tag, have you considered using it for Basenji or keeping him as an OC?

#69 · 12w, 11h ago · · ·


TwiGuard Twi is already cooler than Princess Twilight - she's the buck-mothering Empress of Steel. And besties with the now Phoenix-pegasus Spitfire, the Diamond Dog drummer Basenji, and married to Princess Cadence ... all while Shining Francis Armor has all the paperwork, friendship lessons, and a harem of five mares to contend with. Not to sound like I'm talking to Fusion Fool, but two million Hel says that Shiny gets the wings and shiny castle later than Twi did, if ever. Hmm, can Twi's chakram affect Tirek, and now that she's tied to the magic of the planet, can Tirek drink her's?

#68 · 18w, 5d ago · · ·

does twilight still get her wings or no? cause that would be cool if shinning had the magic crown and twilight was a warrior princess

#67 · 20w, 20h ago · 1 · ·

Are you still alive?

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