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I'm just a brony that enjoys writing human x pony romance stories. Check my blog and Story progress section for updates!


Hello everyone!  I'm half asleep right now, so I'll keep this brief.  First off, I am delighted at how well Jeanne's story has been received!  I've really been working on fine tuning my writing so I can get even better.  It looks like taking my time has once again paid-off, but I know I still have a ways to go in getting better.  

Now, I'm working on chapter 2 of "Then There Was You".  If all goes well, I should be posting it in a day or two.  Thankfully I planned ahead with this story, but I'm going to be saving chapters 3 and 4 for a little bit.  I really want to update Luna and Celestia's stories next.  Both are WAY overdue for an update.  Plus with the upgrade to my writing style, I'm eager to see how I'll do.  Oh and you can expect my clop scenes to get just a little steamier than they usually are.  The reason I'm planning on working on Luna's story next is because of three really great ideas I have.  One is really sweet and will get you in the feels, while the other two are going to be very sensual and deeply intimate.  Well, that's my hopes anyway.  The one idea came to me as I was half awake and asleep last weekend.  I really want to see if I can work it into my story.  Hope you guys don't mind a clop double header for Luna's story. ~_^  Besides, she really needs me to show her some more love anyway.  

Well, I'd best get to bed.  Thanks again to all of you for your support and interest in my work.  Thanks to you, I become better with each new story and each new update!  Oh, and a VERY WARM welcome to all of my newest followers!  I can hardly believe I have over 900 followers now.  When I started on her a little over a year ago, I would have never guessed I'd gain so many awesome supporters!  Gee, I guess I should plan something big for when I reach 1,000 followers.  

Now, in the spirit of Luna's next chapter, here's a lovely pic of the Princess of the Night!  Enjoy!

- Jaydex

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At long last, my story about Jeannedarc has been submitted and is currently awaiting mod approval.  Hopefully it will be up before too long.  But for those of you that don't want to wait.  Get a first hand look at it here: "Then There Was You"  I've known that other writers have shared links to their stories before they are officially posted.  Enjoy!

- Jaydes

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Sorry for the lack of activity as of late.  Work was incredibly exhausting last week.  I think it was a combination of my employer's poor planning and the hot temperatures, which combined just wore me out.  I barely made it through five pages of chapter 1's edit last week.  Thankfully, today was far more productive.  I've got the story set up and chapter 1 has been uploaded to the sight and properly formatted.  All I need to do now is give it one last look over and reading.  Then I can finally submit "Then There Was You" at last!  

I've even got a temporary cover pic and complete summary ready to go.  I'm still hoping to get my envisioned cover pic but the artist in question is swamped right now, so I'll have to be patient.  Here's what I've devised for now:

I was considering adding the title, but I couldn't find a font I liked, so I figured blank would do for now.  

Oh and if any of you are interested, here's what I have as the summary right now.  But I'm going to mull over it and smooth it over.  It seems a bit rough to me.

Summary - "Then There Was You"

Jeannedarc or "Jeanne" as she is generally referred to, has completed her training as a Royal Guard of Canterlot.  A little over a month has passed since she started her duties as a guard and she is getting used to her role.  Now, with some time off her duties, she decides to venture to Ponyville in search of a renowned blacksmith's forge where she hopes to find an ideal sword for use in her role as a guard.  After arriving at the forge she discovers the blacksmith's apprentice, someone more than an individual skilled in crafting elegant blades.  In fact, Jeanne ends up meeting her very first human face to face, after having seen several in passing on the streets of Canterlot.  As she continues to check in on the status of her sword, she's going to end up gaining far more than just a fine blade.

So there you have it.  I'm hoping that by Wednesday this story will be posted and then I will be getting to work on chapter 7 of Celestia's story (at long last)!  

I'm still so very grateful for the patience and understanding you've all displayed in waiting for me to get this ready to go.  Thankfully, your wait is almost over.  Well, I'd best be going.  Till next time, my friends!  Take care!

- Jaydex

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Great news my friends!  Last night, I finished the rough draft of chapter 4 from Jeanne's story.  I'm going to be starting the edit of chapter 1 and will be getting the story posted before too long.  FYI, chapter 4 is also over 11,000 words, just like chapter 3, and the first clop/make-out scene turned out great!  It takes up a good 3,000+ words of the chapter, easily.  And "Then There Was You" is only just getting started!!  Oh, and don't forget, you can check on the progress of Jeanne's story by checking out the "Jeanne's Sanctuary" section of my user page!

Now that Jeanne's story will soon be posted, that means Celestia will be returning to my focus!  I've really missed working on her story and still am beside myself with how many of you enjoy it.  Hopefully this time next week, I'll be well immersed in chapter 7 of her story, which is already outlined, I just need to start writing!  I'm really looking forward to putting some overdue life back into "You Brighten My Day"!!

Till next time, here's one of my many favorite pics of Celestia!  Thanks as always for your support and patience.  You're all awesome! =D

- Jaydex

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Hello everyone!  Sorry it's been a while since my last blog.  I've been really tired from the chaos of my job at the box factory.  In between resting, I have been pressing onward.  Chapter 4 of Jeanne's story is nearing completion.  Chapter 4 is over 9,500 words and I still need to do just a little more for the first clop scene.  Then I'll edit chapter 1 and get this story posted.

After chapter 1 is up, I'm going to get to work on chapter 7 of Celestia's story.  It's way overdue.  Plus I need to take a little breather from Jeanne's story so I can figure out where things are going from here.  Though, I do have chapter 5 and most of 6 planned already, with tons of great ideas to use in the coming chapters as well.  ~_^  So it's not so much that I need a break, just time to plan.  I still love Jeanne very much.  She's still fighting for her place as my top pony with Celestia and Luna keeping her well on her hooves. =D

Well that's all for now.  I'll try to get back to posting my regular blogs before too long.  Oh and for those of your wanting to check the progress of Jeanne's story, just check out her section called "Jeanne's Sanctuary" on my user page.  The progress of her story can be found there. =D  

Till later!  Take care and thanks for your support!

- Jaydex

Enjoy a lovely pic of Tia, since I only have one NSFW pic of Jeanne I'm saving for a future blog.

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All of My YES!! · 11:58pm

I just wanted to let you all know how things are going.  Time seems to fly by so fast anymore.  Along with my writing, I've been taking time to rest and have been doing some important things outside the realm of ponies.  I'll touch on some of that in a more thorough blog, later on.  

Anyway, I just have a few key thoughts I wanted to share with all of you.  To start, Jeanne's story - "Then There Was You" is continuing to come along nicely.  Due to a need to rest and lack of energy, I didn't do much writing the past few days, but I plan to do a little tonight.  =D  I know a number of you always ask that I not overdo it.  So, I shan't.  Anyway, I'm moving right along with chapter 4 of Jeanne's story, and it's still shaping up nicely.  Oh and I've been planning ideas for chapters 5 and 6 as well.  

Now, don't worry, my plan is still the same, once chapter 4 has been drafted, I'll give chapter 1 a good edit and finally get this story posted.  Then, I'm going to "at long last" work on chapter 7 of Celestia's story.  I do thank all of your for your patience.  I didn't mean for this much time to go by.  Oh, and you can hardly imagine my thrill right now!  "You Brighten My Day" has just broken 800 votes ups!  I'm beyond amazed! =O  When I first posted this story (nearly a year ago), I had no idea it would become so popular.  It's also incredible that this story has nearly 1,100 people following it.  Seems it's better than I ever imagined.  So, I'm really looking forward to continuing with this story.  I have both chapters 7 and 8 of Celestia's story outlined.  Just need to polish up the finer points when it comes time to write them.   I can't thank all of you enough for your beyond appreciated support!!  It means so much!  I know I wouldn't be where I am with out your tips and enthusiasm!  So, thank you again! =D

One last bit of good news.  Working on Jeanne's story has allowed me to clear my mind and get the needed idea for the last two naughty scenes of Rainbow Dash's story.  I'm still working out the bugs, but I think we'll be seeing her story a lot sooner than I was originally expecting.  I just need to take things one day at a time.  So if you'll continue to bear with me, the wait for all my updates will certainly be worth it!  

Till next time!  Take care everyone!!

- Jaydex

PS: I haven't forgotten about Twilight's story, I'm slowly outlining chapter 3 of her story as time permits.  I'm thrilled with how well her story is doing as well.  Time will see great things for that story, I'm sure of it!  ~_^

A lovely pic of Celestia in celebration of how well her story is doing!

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Hello everyone!  Just wanted to drop by and give you a short update of my progress.

I finished chapter 3 of Jeannedarc's story "Then There Was You".  It's more than a bit longer than I expected, almost 12,000 words.  What's incredible is how easily they flowed.  I ran into a minor hiccup or two, but they barely slowed me down.  Normally, a chapter this size can take up to a month to write, I did this in about a week and a half, and that's taking my time, resting and giving this my utmost care!  Now, I may take two short scenes from the beginning and move them to the end of chapter two, thus equalizing the two chapters, but I think the scenes work better in chapter 3, so it'll just be a long one.  Meh, most typical novels and stories have varying chapter lengths anyway.  

Well, I'm going to keep this short, as I said.  I want to get started on chapter 4, the first of the clop scenes takes place in this chapter, along with more development regarding the romance of Jeanne and her human friend Galen.  Oh, and speaking of Jeanne, I was bad, and played around in Pony Creator, and made a likeness of her and then pixel pushed a cutie mark onto her using MS Paint.  It's not great, but it was still a fun distraction!  Oh, I also have some other concept art of three of my own OC ponies (made in Pony Creator) that will be playing fairly important roles in this.  I just need to finish the one stallion and adjust his beard and give him a cutie mark.  I'll also briefly explain their characters, when I share their pics.  I will also have an added treat, a friend of mine did an actual pic of my one OC pony, and she looks adorable, so I'll share her pics a well, when the time comes.  

My plan remains the same.  Once the rough draft of chapter 4 is completed, I'll be editing and posting chapter 1, finally getting this story up and running.  So we're getting closer now, much, much closer!  I still need to work on a temporary cover pic, but that shouldn't be too difficult to whip up.  One last remark, I was writing out some notes for a possible scene later in this story, based off an idea Jeanne's creator shared with me.  It sort of took on a life of its own and has turned into a 2nd person clopfic where the "you" is Jeanne's lover.  Now, I'm not making any promises, but if I doctor it a little and add a short love/clop scene, I might just have a one-shot I could post on here.  You will need to pardon the fetish material of the scene before the clop scene, but I think it's a really fun one.  What can I say, Jeanne has really inspired me and captured my imagination like never before.  =D

Till next time, thank you all for your patience and continued support!

- Jaydex

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Hello everyone!  So sorry I seemed to have all but fallen off the grid for a while.  My job has had me very busy.  Why just last week, I worked 56 hours and was left rather exhausted.  I'm not sure but I may end up doing 52 hours this week, so I'll have to see.  When I have had free time, I've been working on my newest creative outlet - my story about the lovey guard pony Jeannedarc.  This update is going to focus on her story mostly.

Now, before I get to Jeanne, I did want to take a moment to note how blown away I am by the overall popularity of my Celestia story - "You Brighten My Day"!  Last July, when it first debuted, I never dreamed it would become so loved and enjoyed.  Celestia's tale has finally overtaken my spa pony story, and I doubt the sun princess is going to stop there.  Now, imagine my surprise as seeing her story has 1,063 favorites!  WOW!  That's a lot of people keeping an eye on it!  So rest assured, chapter 7 is still in the works.  I only hope you'll bear with me as I work on Jeanne's story in the meantime.  But never fear, Celestia's story WILL continue!  I've been enjoying its creation far too much to ever abandon it!  Oh and just a reminder for Luna and Celestia fans, both princesses and their human partners will be guest starring in later chapters of Jeanne's story, so keep that in mind. ~_^

As for Jeanne's story, "Then There Was You", I have plenty of news for you.  This morning, I finally gave my user page on here, a long overdue revamp.  It's nothing fancy, but I was able to free up a custom module.  I now have a place dedicated to Jeanne.  There, you will find the progress on her story in a very in-depth fashion, as well as safe for work pictures I will be getting and posting of her.  In fact I have two to share with you at the end of this blog.  A friend and follower of mine did a sweet job on a pic of Jeanne and of just her cutie mark .  

Currently, I have both chapters 1 and 2 drafted, they'll need a bunch of work, but they have come out nicely.  For even more good news, I have both chapters 3 and 4 outlined, and will be starting on 3 once I review the last 2,000 words I did for chapter 2, last night.  Currently the story is a little over 13,400 words, and that's not even the tip of the iceberg!  Chapter 3 will see things heating up, and get this...there won't be any clop till chapter 4 and the first major love scene isn't till chapter 5.  And I will again caution some of you as to Jeanne's naughty enjoyment of mild to moderate pee erotica, but that doesn't factor in till sometime in chapter 4 (and even then it's only the introduction to the concept).  It's still only one of the many aspects this story is going to involve.  I've also been making plans for the adventure elements of her tale, but come on, you have a guard pony and blacksmith forging swords, there has to be "some" adventure, right?  I've also been chatting regularly with Jeanne's creator, and he's enjoyed the ideas I've come up with and even suggested a few of his own.  He's still enjoying how well I've connected to his character, and I'm only too happy about that as well.

Speaking of connecting with his character.  About the time we got chatting on Skype, I found myself growing even fonder of Jeanne, to the point I asked for his permission to have a plushy of her made.  And well, my plush pony seller was only too happy to accept my commission, and here she is!

The rest of the six pics I snapped of her can be found on my tumblr page: here

I'm very happy with how she turned out, Jeanne has already added to my already overwhelming level of inspiration and I suspect she will continue to do so in the weeks and even months to come!!  I haven't had a drive to work on a story like this since my first novel, "Enchanted Destiny".  So, I plan to follow this inspiration as far as my heart and imagination will take me.  I've already been asked how long her story will be.  I can't answer that yet, but I know this, it will be well over 30 chapters and it still might not be over by then.  The ideas just won't stop coming!

I won't start major editing or planning to post chapter 1, until I've completed chapter 4's rough draft.  So it will be a little while yet.  I hoping to have some time to make major headway on chapter 3 this weekend.  But with my job it's hard to tell.  I greatly appreciate your patience and your continued support!  I will always treasure having you as my loyal fans, followers and readers!  Till next time, I bid you all, farewell!

- Jaydex

PS: Twilight and Luna's stories haven't been forgotten, but are merely delayed in the meantime.  I will get to them as soon as time allows.  Thank you, again, for your patience! =D

Here are the pics I told you I'd be sharing:

A cute pic of Jeanne!

Her cutie mark - a blue shield with a gray sword with a pair of white wings!

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Hello everyone.  Sorry I've been silent for so long.  I'm still around, I've just been busy with work and deeply involved with my new project "Then There Was You."  So far the new story is going great!  I've already finished the rough draft of chapter 1 (currently a little over 7,200 words), but I'm going to keep writing till I have at least a couple chapters drafted.  I've also been continuing to give Jeanne's story a lot of developmental attention as well.  Unlike some stories, I've done some research into a few things, done character molding, and have been bouncing countless ideas for the romance and various other aspects of the story with Jeannedarc's creator.  That's why the lack of blogs and updates.  I'm serious about this story.  In fact this has me feeling new found drive for my novel "The Realm of Forgotten Magic", which has not received the attention it deserves.  

Now, never forget, I love writing these pony stories, but my time is just so limited anymore.  That's why I have to pick and choose what I work on, and if I am ever to make it as a writer and continue to make these wonderful tales for all of you, I need to start writing some actual novels and earning some money.  This way I can leave that annoying factory job and have time to focus on my true passion.

Now it's come to my attention that some of you are disheartened by what happened with Rainbow Dash and her story.  I too am sad that I lost my focus on it.  But rest assure, it's not because of Rainbow Dash.  In fact as I worked on her story, I actually fell in love with her for a time (take that for whatever you will, I have nothing to hide), and really enjoyed writing about her, but what started killing it for me was the 2nd-person narrative.  It's just so limited, like 1st-person.  I just need a good long break from that style.  From February through most of April, all I did was 2nd person.  I burned myself out on it and I need to go to 3rd person for the foreseeable future.  Besides, very few novels are done in 2nd-person, and I just love the depth I can enjoy form 3rd person.  

This is why I'm going be focusing on the following stories for the time being:

1. "Then Their Was You" - My main focus with the other two as back up, when  I need to gather my thoughts on this one.

2. "A Total Eclipse of Their Hearts"

3. "You Brighten My Day"

I'm sorry to say that most of my 2nd person fics have been delayed indefinitely, and I can't say when Rainbow's will be finished.  I'd honestly have rather done a 3rd person story about her, but one-shots like that usually don't do well without proper development and I just don't have the time.  Besides, I never expected to find a pony like Jeannedarc that would take me so by storm.  So, I know this comes as a blow to many of you, but I don't see any way out of this, unless things vastly improve at my job, and I don't see it happening.  Now, fans of "For Whom She Sparkles" need not worry.  I can't say when but I will certainly be continuing with that story, I just need a break from 2nd person stories for a bit.  You know I need to do what's best for me as well.  If things can turn around with my writing a new novel, then things will greatly improve overall.  I hope you all will understand.  I know many of you are supper psyched for Jeanne's story already, and most of you have stuck with me despite the wait for things, so I really appreciate that!  More than you may think.  

For now, my immediate focus is on Jeanne's story.  I'll be sure to keep you all up to date with my progress and when I  am ready to post chapter 1, I'll let you know.  I want to stay several chapters ahead of my posting, so I have some breathing room if I run into any snags.  That, and I need to buy time while I wait for cover art.  If need be I was given the ok by Jeanne's creator to adapt some of her existing art into a cover image.  Again, I'll keep you all posted.  I'm really loving this new story, and have had no real issues writing it and the inspiration is just as strong as ever, so I plan to ride this train all the way into the station.  Thank you as always for your ongoing support!  Take care!

- Jaydex

Enjoy this pic of Luna called - "The Moonlight"

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First I want to thank all of you for your overwhelming support and understanding.  Not a day goes by that I don't treasure having you as my fans and readers alike! =D  So it's unanimous, I've put Rainbow's story on hold for the time being.  I have no idea when my inspiration for her will return, but when it does, I'll give her the attention she deserves.  Just in case any of you were worried, I had a heart-to-heart talk with Rainbow Dash and she said she completely understands, and that she wants her story to be 20% cooler than everypony else's, so she's cool with waiting.

Second, I've started work on chapter 11 of Luna's story.  So that's off to a good start, and I have a clear path for this chapter.  I didn't do any writing tonight, took a break to chat with some friends and help a fellow writer that was having some issues with his story.  Besides, I don't want to rush anything.  Oh and as for my new project which I am totally psyched about, I'll be sharing details in my next blog, in a day or so.  I want to get my thoughts together, plus I am going to be starting chapter 1 any day now.  Just to mess around with the idea a little and get familiar with the pony starring in it. =D

Now onto the heart of this blog!  I just wanted to let you all know that I will be attending Bronycon 2013 this summer at it's new location in Baltimore Maryland, in the US.  My experience last year might not have been too great, due to an issue with the purchase of autograph vouchers, but I only attending one day last year.  This year I'm going for all 3 days.  So I think it will be a lot more fun.  Though I was thrilled to meet Nicole Oliver (Princess Celestia and Cheerilee) last year.  She's really nice, and I got to chat with her for a few minutes and even gush a little about that opening scene of hers in the series pilot.  It got me an autograph that called me "Her Faithful Student" =D  It'd be cool if she's there at this year's as well.  But so far they only have one voice actor on the list - Lee Tockar - the voice of Snips and that Seaserpent Rarity gave her tail to.  I suspect more will come closer to the show date of August 2nd.  So, if any of you are planning to attend this awesome event, you just might get a chance to meet me!  I know I'd enjoy meeting any of you that attend.  

Well, I'd better get going.  Almost time for work.  Take care and enjoy this adorable pic of Luna in the bathtub!!  Thank you as always for being so patient and understanding!  You're the best followers I could ever ask for!

- Jaydex

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