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Hey I'm alive! · 2:58pm

I suppose an explanation is in order of what the hell has been going on with me. Well, to be frank college didn't work out and I ended up moving down south with my family. The hectic nature of moving to a new place has put a damper on my writing and made it difficult to motivate myself to write. So I kept putting off writing as I've tried to get my real life in order. I can't say it's completely in order but it is in better order than it was months ago.

So long and short of it is that yes I do plan to continue writing Guardians and (if you guys are still interested) Noir. Due to personal life issues I can't guarantee it will be soon, but I will hopefully do my best. I love writing and I don't want to stop doing it. I just hope you guys can forgive me for taking so long to give you any explanation.

So I guess what I'm asking is if you guys are still interested in me writing stuff. Let me know in the comments.  

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#161 · 9w, 2d ago · · ·

i really like equestria noir and i'd love to see you continue it.

#160 · 13w, 3d ago · · ·

I am still interested in everything you can write. Coming from you, I know it'll be quality.

A few suggestions and ideas for your pondering/thought.

In Equestria Guardians, maybe we could see...

User-submitted guardians?

Side stories?

Or this idea of mine about Guardians that are sorta like Flash, as they left training, but of their own free will. Most of these "Forgotten" have died or concealed their powers from humans, but a group of them have moved to Canter City to keep an eye on Twilight and the team, and possibly even on Spera/Crystal Prep. Not that they are full evil, but they have their own opinions and teachings on what it means to be a Guardian. They fight unorthodox because they ARE unorthodox.

No pressure here, but maybe give my suggestions some thought?

I also think that maybe we could to a sort of forum blog, where users could post their ideas about your stories? Or a group?

#159 · 13w, 5d ago · · ·

Since some have already mention the Noir series,  here's a little bit of an idea:   I wonder if Private would actually investigate a murder where the victim is somepony that is ... well, NOT a pony.  Like a gryphon, or a dragon.   I would be looking for a gryphon personally because I would like to see Gilda again...I know that based on that case starring Private and Rainbow Dash where Spitfire was framed for murder and than cleared, Gilda was the culprit,  and there was a kinda heartwarming scene where Grimwing and Gilda actually hugged as father and daughter (and Gilda in clawcuffs (handcuffs since they have claws/fingers)) before she was put into a paddy wagon sent for Canterlot (and probably jail for a while more than likely).  As far as it been since the epilogue for Season 1 of Noir--Private's marriage to Twilight Sparkle--I have to assume that it's been at least a year.    Blueblood's been in the clink because of several offenses, but he has shown that he's trying to turn a new leaf,  helping his maid and friend Squeaky and her unborn son, who by questionable (trying to be PC--I want to use something harsher) means is Blueblood's half brother.   I wonder if something similar could happen to Gilda.   After all, I'm pretty sure being imprisoned either helps the convict get on the straight and narrow to eventually be released, or just confirm why the convict's in prison in the first place and probably won't change.

Again, it's just an idea.  I know there's a lot of life commitments that you have to work on at the moment, so I don't expect any process on it unless you see it as a potential story.   I don't want to accidentally waste your precious time.

#158 · 14w, 5d ago · · ·

>>2371885 I am pretty sure he is VERY busy with collage and stuff, i asked him like a year ago and he said he would not give up on equestia noir. :)

#157 · 15w, 4d ago · · ·

Hey Jacoby1, I don't want to be one of those people who always demands for more stories and stuff from the writer but, I was just wondering if you're still going to continue the Noir series or not. I usually check for new chapters weeklh on the noir series and equestrian guardians. I just want to know whether I should stop checkingnor not.

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