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I'm just some 22-year old dude from Canada hoping to become a screenplay writer one day. That's all.


Fate of some fics · 5:36pm

Hey guys, listen I'm sure sure some of are you are aware that the progress on some of fics has been going very slowly and I am deeply sorry for that, I've just been really stuck lately :pinkiesad2:

As such I'm asking if you all can help me decide the fate of some of them, like for instance if I should delete my version of friendship games '. Though I could use some help on some of them to, up to you guys though.

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Thanks for the invite, bro! I set up a much-needed anti-Glimmer Discord chat, where we can be safe from the rabid Glimfans. https://discord.gg/abBXhqP Do we already have one?

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>>2430351 just curiosity/

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>>2430303 I change it right away, why?

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whenever it's your birthday, do you change the age on your bio right away, or do you wait a bit?

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